•  A request from RJR Alumni President

    Harry Corpening

    to those Alumni who graduated

    between 1950 AND 1959



    I think it pays to draw on the knowledge of our elders....especially when it comes to dealing with a crisis.  These folks survived scary times…and I feel confident we will do the same!  I am asking anyone who graduated between 195O - 1959 to send me an email with your thoughts concerning (among other things):

    • What was RJR and Winston-Salem like during those years (and especially during the Korean War)?
    • What do you remember about the Russiaan satellite "sputnik" being launched...and then watched as it traveled around the world?
    • Were there holidays or events staged then that are not staged now (such as May Day, etc.)?
    • What other thoughts do you want to pass on to all RJR Alumni?

    Comments should be emailed to Harry at RJRhighschool@aol.com

    These comments will be posted on this website.  Only first names will be used in the posting of comments.

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