• Class Day Early Dismissal Form - print this out if you were not here on Tuesday, May 14.  It gives your student permission to leave after the Class Day program (approximately 12:30pm).  These will be collected at the Graduation Meeting on Thursday, May 23.



    Cap and Gown Distribution

    If your senior received a hold card or was not on campus on May 14, the next distribution will take place on Friday, May 24 after the Class Day program. 


    Seniors that have a hold card need to make sure they take care of all items as indicated on the hold card.  They MUST bring the card with them when they are getting their cap and gown. 


    Seniors who are cleared after the 24th will need to check this page for updates on where and when to pick up their cap and gown.




    Second Parent Newsletter distributed in April.  This includes many key dates and information previously shared with parents.




    Elementary School Graduation Walks 



    Vienna Elementary will now take place on June 5, 2024.


    Senior Day Information Sheet - This is the sheet that was distributed at the end of the day.  It should have been shared with parents on Friday, December 1.
    Class of 2024!!
    Congratulations! You have made it to your senior year! We look forward to working with you throughout the year getting you ready for graduation.  Please be sure to check this website throughout the year for information.

    Graduation 2024

    Sunday, June 9th @ 8am at LJVM Coliseum 

    (Senior arrival at 7am)










    Mar 27



    Senior Picnic


    Apr 29



    Interest Meeting - Graduation Speaker Auditions


    Apr 30



    Interest Meeting - Graduation Speaker Auditions


    May 10


    Student Services

    DEADLINE – all scholarship or other financial award information to your counselor (forward email or hand in paper)


    May 21



    Graduation Speaker Auditions


    May 23


    Main Gym

    Graduation Meeting – all seniors (including January grads planning on walking)


    May 23

    3:45p - until

    Main Gym

    Class Day Practice – for Senior Class Council members and other performers


    May 24

    8:55a - until

    Main Gym

    Class Day Program - arrive by 8:30a


    May 24

    After Class Day Program

    Aux Gym

    Cap and Gown Distribution – for academically and financially cleared students


    June 6



    Graduation Practice – all seniors


    June 9



    Graduation! (Arrival around 7a!)


    Cap + Gown Ordering

    Seniors brought home their cap and gown catalog on September 27. To order only the cap + gown unit (that includes cap, gown, tassel, and stole - everything that is required), follow the steps below. 

    • Go to Josten's website.
    • Scroll down to Cap & Gown (under Apparel Bottoms)
    • Choose 'Cap + Gown Unit'

    You are more than welcome to buy other items offered, but that is the minimum that every senior must have.

    Start of Senior Year Newsletter
    If your senior didn't bring home the Homeroom Newsletter sent home the first two days of school, click on the link to get to the information. 
    Parent Volunteer Opportunities
    Be sure to check the August newsletter brought home the first two days of school (and available above). To volunteer for these three events, please complete the Google Form at https://forms.gle/VCrZohbo6kMpPnZa8


    Who Do I Contact About…

    Cap and Gown Pictures   Amber Bryant  
    Crosby Scholars    Madison Bullard  
    Graduation   Scott McAbee  
    Intent to Not Walk at Graduation Scott McAbee  
    Legal Name Change   Kimberly Johnson  
    Media Center Debts   Lauren Fossa  
    Men’s Apparel (Class Day/Graduation)   Scott McAbee  
    Ordering Caps + Gowns    Scott McAbee  
    Reagan Specific Senior Apparel   Kristen Crews  
    Scholarship Information   Counselors See List Below  
    School Debts   Kim Jones  
    Senior Ads and Yearbooks   Amber Bryant  
    Senior Fees   Holly Hege  
    Senior Yearbook Photos (tuxes and drapes) Amber Bryant  
    Transcripts   Amy Willard  
    Updating Contact Information   Julia Starkey  
    Women’s Apparel (Class Day/Graduation) Lindsay Schneider / Sarah Smith  


    Last Names Counselor
    A - B Joel Cordray  
    C - F Kasey Davis  
    G - J Chris McCoy  
    K - N Deborah Mobley  
    O - Sh Kristin Fulcher  
    Si - Z Madison Bullard  



    Q:  When do I get my cap and gown?

    Caps and Gowns are not distributed until Class Day.  However, if you are not academically or financially cleared on the distribution date, you will have to wait until your obligations are cleared up before you will receive your cap and gown.


    Q:  What if I do not intend to walk at graduation? 

    Complete this form Declaration of Intent to Not Walk at Graduation.  Return to Mr. McAbee in 629.  Even if you have informed your Counselor that you are not walking, you must turn this form into Mr. McAbee.  


    Q:  When is graduation?

    June 9th at 8am (seniors arrive at 7am) at the Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum

    • Information will be given out on Senior Day and at the Graduation Meeting on May 23rd.
    • Please do not schedule other events that overlap practice or graduation.



    Class of 2023 Graduation Pictures
    Lifetouch QR code


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