• Seniors - The Parents of the Class of 2023 are hosting a picnic on Thursday, October 13 from 5:30-8:00PM.  This will take place in the stadium parking lot.  There will be food and a DJ for the evening.
    In order for the parents to order enough food so you can have a plate at the picnic, you will need to complete the following form before THURSDAY, OCTOBER 6.  THIS FORM MUST BE COMPLETED WITH THE STUDENT'S WSFCS E-MAIL ACCOUNT.  

    Seniors that have completed the Google Form will be given a ticket for the picnic on Thursday, October 13 during lunches.  This ticket will be used to verify your participation and guarantee you a plate at the picnic.  YOU MUST HAVE A TICKET FOR THE PICNIC.  If you are not on campus during lunch, you will be able to pick it up at the picnic.

    We encourage you to bring a bag chair or something to sit on while you eat.  You might want to bring frisbees, cornhole sets, football, volleyball, etc. for fun during the picnic time.

    Class of 2022 graduation pictures:

    Go to events.lifetouch.com

    Click on "Find your Event"

    Then you click on event "Graduation", state "North Carolina"  and school "Reagan High"


    Direct link will work - https://events.lifetouch.com/eventHomepage.aspx?EventID=181199




    CLASS OF 2023!!!!!

    Congratulations ... you made it to your senior year!

    Parents and Seniors should follow us at @Reagan_Seniors on Twitter.  We will use Twitter to remind students of upcoming events or meetings, inform parents of upcoming phone trees or e-mails, and any updates on this Senior web page.

    If you need to check anything, please come to this page for the latest memos and information.  Be sure to note that there are additional tabs located on the left that will be made available during the year.  We will also call home periodically with phone tree messages.  

    Please feel free to contact any of us with questions you might have.  We look forward to a great year!


    Who Do I Contact About… (NOT YET UPDATED FOR CLASS OF 2023)

    • Cap and Gown Pictures               Scott McAbee 
    • Crosby Scholars                         Madison Bullard  
    • Graduation
    • Legal Name Change                    Kimberly Johnson 
    • Media Center Debts                    Lauren Fossa 
    • Reagan Specific Senior Apparel    Sarah Smith 
    • Senior Ads and Yearbooks           
    • Scholarship Information              Counselors See List Below
    • School Debts                              Kim Jones  
    • Senior Fees                                Holly Hege 
    • Transcripts                                 Joan Powell 
    • Updating Contact Information       
    • Winston-Salem Dash                  Holly Hege 
    • Yearbook Photos                          - these are the tuxedo (men) and drapes (ladies)
    • Volunteering Parent Coordinator   


    Parent Volunteers 





    Q:  When do I get my cap and gown?


    Caps and Gowns are not distributed until Class Day.  However, if you are not academically or financially cleared on the distribution date, you will have to wait until your obligations are cleared up before you will receive your cap and gown.


    Q:  When is graduation?

     TIME AND DATE TBA at the Lawrence Joel Veterans Memorial Coliseum

    • More information to come soon.
    Graduation TBA

    Attire – DRESS CODE applies to graduation =

    Gentlemen should wear black, navy blue, or khaki dress slacks (absolutely no jeans or cargo pants), dress shoes (no boots, flip-flops, or sneakers), white or off-white dress shirt, and a dark tie or bowtie. 

    Ladies should wear a dress or skirt & top, and black dress shoes.  All shoes should have a secured heel.  There shall be absolutely no sneakers or flip flops, not even dressy flip flops including Jack Rogers.  Skirt/dress length should be appropriate, but if it is longer than the gown, you will have to pin it up. Ladies can wear dark pants and a white/off-white blouse in lieu of the skirt/dress.


    Ladies should remember that you’ll be walking up and down many stairs, thus high heels are neither practical nor logical for this day.  We highly recommend you to wear your planned shoes to practice.  If you have questions, see Mrs. Crews. 

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