• Art IV Syllabus
    NBC Art Educator Alice Morley
    All Art Students Have Creative Responsibility'
    Each Visual Art Student will complete several service' projects that benefit our community.

    (1) Class Introduction, Studio Practices & Procedures, Safety & Classroom Protocol (Rules).

    (2) The Altered Book Altered Books are EVERY FRIDAY.

    (3) Portfolio, Lettering & Self Expression.

    (4) The Elements & Principles of Art

    • Elements: Line, Shape, Form, Space, Color, Value, Texture
    • Principles: Rhythm, Movement, Balance, Proportion, Variety, Emphasis, Harmony, Unity - Students will be required to understand and explain the use of all elements and principles and how they are applied in a work. This is on-going throughout the Mount Tabor art curriculum.

    (5) Graphic Design/Fine Art - What is Fine Art? What is Community Service and why is it important? Students will create a patterned design for Mount Tabor High School. This pattern/design will be applied to a cat sculpture mirroring our schools' contribution to the Humane Society for the last five years. The intention of this art work is to benefit our academic and aesthetic environment.

    (6) Art With the Brain in Mind - Students will create a narrative art piece based on objects (the ziploc bag) reflecting themselves as artists, family members, students, etc . . . Mixed media and drawing techniques will be applied.

    (7) Superintendant's Holiday Card Students will create a Seasonal' card for the Superintendant's Holiday Card Contest.

    (8) Advanced Painting. Pencil and acrylic painting techniques will be applied to an old shoe and masonite board. This work will be based on a famous artist of the students' choice.

    (9) (Clay) Students will create a bowl for the The 2nd Harvest Food Bank.

    (10) The Mount Tabor Aesthetic Students will create either a sculptural or graphic design to add to the overall aesthetic of Mount Tabor High School. This winning piece, chosen from all completed entries will reside somewhere in the school.

    (11) Collage/ Scherenschnitte Landscape Students will learn to create a collage based on an additive and subtractive approach to paper cutting.