• I expect ALL of my art students to come to class on time, to put forth their greatest effort on every assignment, to fill out a rubric and to be respectful to me and others in our classroom.
    1. Come to class on time.
    2. NO ELECTRONIC DEVICES (phones, ipods, games etc . . .)
    3. No food or drinks.
    4. No switching seats or moving furniture.
    2. Do NOT use foul language.
    3. Dress appropriately, and in accordance with the Mount Tabor dress code.
    4. Fill out a rubric for each and every assignment or you will not receive a grade for your work.
    5. Learn and retain the Elements & Principles of art.
    6. Clean up after yourself.
    Behavioral Consequences:
    1st Offense: Verbal Warning
    2nd Offense: Parent Contact
    3rd Offense: Office Referral
    * Severe infractions of school policies or rules will be dealt with immediately by the administration of Mount Tabor High School.