Ms. Scott's
    Second Grade Class
    "We have the BRIGHTEST in the box" 
    Class ROAR: " Hooooooorraaaaah"- Our class roar of EXCELLENCE
    Class motto: "We are one big family, showing a level of EXCELLENCE!"
    Excellence is doing your best every time, no matter what...our expectation is simply that, a level of EXCELLENCE because we are S.O.A.Ring
    Thank you parents/guardians for coming to our fall open house! In our class we say that we are one big family working together and parents we are a team working together.
    Parents this year you will notice that students are bringing home a homework folder and a planner. Please get into the habit of checking and signing your child's planner and space voyager sheet. The homework folder includes your child's weekly homework assignments. Please know that homework helps students practice concepts that are taught in class. Students are encouraged to read regularly, including the weekend. Weekend Readers are sent home every Friday and are returned on the next school day. Students need school and home support to ensure continuous growth. The planners are used to chart your child's behavior each day of the week. All students should aim to reach a "Soaring Student". Our class and school support students showing positive behavior. Students who are showing respect, outstanding conduct, achievement and responsibility. Please go over your child's daily behavior discuss ways that they can show these four characteristics of a soaring eagle! We are preparing our students for their future. I am looking forward to working with each and every family this year. My contact information is provided below please call, email or send a note if you have any comments or concerns.
    Volunteers are welcome and needed. Students and I love to see families involved  in the class. Thank you for all that you do!
    Please check out the rest of the webpage for support websites for your child
    Hooooraaaaaah!! -
    Ms. Scott 
    Name: Ms. Scott
    Subject: 2nd Grade
    Contact info: rsscott@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Phone: (336) 703-6771