• RJR Multi-Sports Stadium

    Above is an artist's rendition of the proposed stadium from the perspective of Northwest Blvd.  The parking lot shown would be in the same location (but be a little bit smaller) than the current Wiley Middle School bus parking lot. 
    Below is an aerial picture of where the stadium will be built.  The white dotted line shows the perimeter of Hanes Park.  The gray/white square/"building" below the right end of the stadium field will be the location of the new Wiley Middle School gymnasium (that will be built and paid for by the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System...who will also pay for the demolition of the current gym).   The white "building" to the left of the stadium field is the RJR auxiliary/girl's gym, and the building to the left of that is Herman Bryson Gymnasium.  The white "building" to the right of the new Wiley gym is Wiley Middle School.
    Things that also show up are the quarter-mile race track, numerous tennis courts, RJR baseball field, and at the top right of the park are 2 baseball/softball fields.
    aerial view of proposed RJR Multi-Sports Stadium  
     Below is an artist's rendition of an aerial view of the stadium in relationship to its surrounding buildings.  Northwest Blvd. can be seen at the bottom of the picture.  The large building at the far right side is the Wiley school building.  The white/gray square just below the far right side of the stadium field is the new Wiley gym.  The white "building" located on the left of the left side of the stadium field is the RJR auxiliary/girls gym.  The building to the left of that is Herman Bryson Gymnasium.  The white "building" just above that is an existing RJR storage building.  You can also see some of the track and tennis courts at the left top of the picture. 
    aerial view of RJR Multi-Sports Stadium  
    Below is an artist's rendition of the new Wiley gymnasium (that will be built to look like the Wiley school building).  You can see that the stadium entrance is to the left of this.  This view assumes you are standing in the middle of  Northwest Blvd. looking at the gym and Wiley. 
    picture of new Wiley gymnasium  
    Below is an artist's rendition of the inside of the stadium.  From this perspective, you are essentially looking in the general direction of the Childrens Home.  The folks pictured walking are on the walkway that leads to the other/opponent's side of the field.  (This wallway circles the field...since the only entrance to the stadium is located on Northwest Blvd....and thus folks wanting to sit on the other side of the field will use this walkway to get to those seats).  The seating for RJR fans is shown.  The building at the far left end of these aluminum seats is the new Wiley gym.  You can see the Wiley school building behind tree leaves at the upper left-hand side of the picture.   The concession stand for the stadium is where the white umbrellas are seen.
    inside RJR Multi-Sports Stadium
    Below an artist's rendition of the view from inside the stadium, facing towards Wiley Middle School. 
    inside RJR Multi-Sports Stadium facing Wiley  
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