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    There has been a two-year-long AMAZING partnership between the world-renown Washington, DC-based Pulitzer Center and RJ Reynolds High School.
    Last year on June 5th, in the Black Box Theater at Reynolds Auditorium (which is accessed via the side door to the auditorium on the side opposite the school), there was a screening of "Weaving Connections".  This documentary is a history of textiles (both locally and globally), and was created via a partnership of RJR students studying journalism and Pulitzer Center journalists as part of the Center's NewsArts initiative in Winston-Salem.  To view this documentary, click here ( * ).
    This year on May 1st, again in the Black Box Theater, there was a screening of "Placing Identity". This 32-minute documentary video was was developed and created by nearly 30 RJR journalism students as part of the Pulitzer Center's NewsArts inittiative.  The questions that were considered in creating this FABULOUS documentary were:  "How different would we be if we went to another school?  Grew up in a different neighborhood?  Would these things change our life's trajectory?"  To view this documentary, click here ( * ).
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