• Name: Patricia Marino
    Subject: Spanish and Exploring World Languages
    Contact info: pmarino@wsfcs.k12.nc.us
    Room # 177
    Welcome Letter:

    Northwest Middle School

    Course Syllabus:  Spanish I and II

    Instructor:  Ms. Patricia Marino

    Bienvenidos a mi clase de Espanol! I am Mrs. Marino your Spanish teacher.
    This is my third year at Northwest Middle School, and I am really excited to work with you this school year.  I am originally from Mexico City, yes the largest city in the world according to population. I am very proud of my background and culture and that is exactly what I want to share with you. I began to teach in 1990 in the private school system in my country as an ESL teacher. Then in 2003 I was invited to come and work for the American School System for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools after 3 years I moved to Charlotte and worked as a High School Teacher.
    Dear Parents:
    If you need to contact me. I will greatly appreciate that you PLEASE write your child's complete name, grade, and if he/she comes on A or B days to my class. That is to make it easuer to know who we are talking about, due that we have different students with the same first name in our classes.

    Possible topics:

    Pacing Calendar for Spanish I / 6th grade

    1st quarter: Para Empezar: Lo Básico       Project: El Clima y Las Estaciones / Weather    and Seasons

    2nd quarter: Mis Amigos y Yo                  Project: Mi Album / My Scrapbook

        3rd quarter: Y Tú , Cómo eres?                Project: Este Soy Yo / This is ME.

        4th quarter: La Escuela                             Project: El Mapa de la Escuela / School Map



    Pacing Calendar for Spanish II/ 7th grade

    1st quarter: La Clase                                     Project: Hispanic Country Poster

    2nd quarter: La Comida                                 Project: Un Menu / Comida de Paises Latinos

    3rd quarter: La Salud y Los Lugares             Project: Para Mantener la Salud /To keep Good Health or Places                                                                                               

    4th quarter: Las Actividades                       Project: Qué te gusta hacer?/ What do you like to do


    Classroom Expectations:
      Every student come to class with a positive attitude, prepared, ready and open to learn. I expect the best from you because YOU are the best student I have ever had. That is why I am teaching in Northwest MS.
    1.We listen to our teacher.
    2.W come to class prepared with my school supplies (pencil, pen, binder, folder and HOMEWORK)
    3.We are  respectful to each other.
    4.We use our manners. Mandatory magic words: POR FAVOR (please) and GRACIAS (thank you).
    5.We raise our hand and take turns.
    6.We ask permission to stand up.
    7.We are positive thinkers.
    8.We follow directions.
    9.We try to only speak Spanish in class.
    10. FOOD is NOT allowed in class, including Cheetos, Doritos, Fritos, Takis, and CHEWING GUM
    1 = I need to sharpen my pencil.
    2 = I need a tissue.
    3 = I have a question or an answer.
    4 = I need to go to the bathroom.

    Grading Policy:
    Class Participation / Classwork             20%
     Homework                                            20%
     Quizzes                                                20%
    Tests                                                     20%
    Projects                                                 20%