• last act of Piano and Guitar Showcase
    the last performers at the Piano and Guitar showcase
    On the evening of February 26th, the AWESOME RJR 2020 Guitar and Piano Showcase was staged in Reynolds Auditorium. To view a copy of the programme for this concert, click here ( * ). To see a video of every performer (except the last performers) in this AMAZING musical event, click here ( * ).  To see a video of the last performers (which were an amazing 6-piece band....pictured above): click here ( * ). 
    (It should be noted that there was a minor glitch with the camera during the recording of the Showcase.  And because of that:  the video of the last performers had to be put into a separate video).
    The audience was informed that the fund-raising efforts for the Piano and Guitar departments was runnning about $300 short of projections.  If you would like to make a secure tax deductible credit card donation, click here ( * ).   To make a donation via check: mail your check (made out to "RJR Alumni") to:
    RJR Alumni  *   PO Box 26172  *    Winston-Salem, NC 27114
    Please write on the memo line "Piano and Guitar." 
    And last, but certainly not least:  Band Director Jonathan Hamiel mentioned that there is a full-page "article" on the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School System website that tells all about this GREAT concert.  This was certainly a GREAT way to end Black History Month!  You can view this article by clicking here ( * ).
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