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    On August 24, 2008, Matthew Gfeller lost his life because of a head injory he suffered while playing in a RJR football game just 2 days earlier.  He was an incoming freshman, and had not yet attended a single class at Reynolds High School.  As a way of honoring his son, his family created the Matthew Gfeller Foundation the next year.  That foundation does research to try to come up with ways for concussions in youth sports to be hopefully eliminted, and at least to be greatly reduced.  To read an article in the local newspaper written 10 years after Matthew's death that details all of this, click here ( * ).
    This amazing foundation has partnered with several universities (including Virginia Tech and Wake Forest) to continue and expand on this research. Because of the partnership with Wake Forest, it was annoonced on October 11th that the Wake Forest School of Medicine will participate in a $10 million grant program that represents an extension of its youth concussion studies. WFU is in a coalition of 13 medical schools and hospitals participating in the Four Corners Youth Consortium. The five-year project is titled Concussion Assessment, Research and Education for Kids, or CARE4Kids.
    To read an article in the local newspaper about this, click here ( * ).
    The bottom-line to this:  none of this research would have been going on to the extent it is now had not Matthew Gfeller lost his life. His family wanted to do something positive to honor him...by creating the Matthew Gfeller Foundation.  Sometimes good things come about because of bad things that have happened.
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