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    For the last several years, the official profile of the RJR student-body has read in part:  "Reynolds serves a diverse population of close to 1,775 students from throughout the entire city and county. The students from our residential zone make up 66% of our student body. The remaining 34% attend through a magnet application and lottery process. Representing more than 24 countries, our student body is comprised of 34% White, 34% Black, 24% Hispanic, 5% Multi-Racial and 3% Asian students. Additionally, approximately 50% of our students qualify for the free and reduced-price lunch program."
    During the last school-year, 714 RJR students were eligible for the free and reduced-price lunch program. FYI:  'Title I' is a federal education program that supports low income students throughout the nation.  Funds are distributed to high poverty schools, as determined by the number of students who qualify for free or reduced lunch. The funds can be used to hire additional teachers or teaching assistants, to provide computers or software, to fund before, after and summer school programs, and to purchase additional materials or equipment.
    At the September 24th Board of Education meeting, Reynolds was named a 'Title 1' school, and as a result, it will get $453,028.51 in federal funding this school year!  And even better news:  assuming the demographics of the RJR student-body will not dramatically change from year-to-year:  Reynolds can expect to receive a similar amount of federal funding each school year in the future!
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