•  Reynolds Auditorium

    The Prioroties Committee of 'The Frieinds of Richard J. Reynolds Auditorium' (from here on referrd to as 'Friends') Board of Trustees met at 6:00 pm on Monday, October 14th.  The committee has been asked to look at all the major maintenance/renovation projects, and come up with a priority listing for these.  While doning this, they will also come up with a committee approved opinion as to how these projects will get funded (i.e., do they think the School System will pay for a particular project, or should "Friends" try to find other funding).
    Those Committee members in attendence were:
    * John Weiler (a retired General Contracot who, among many things, oversaw the construction of the Walkertown High School)
    * Ed Thomas (the retired predecessor of Liz May)
    * Robert Kratz (Liz's assistant)
    Also present were:
    * Liz May (Auditorium Manager)
    * Harry Corpening (Chair of the Board).
    Liz prepared a 2-page handout for this meeting.  Click here ( * ) to view/download it.
    The following is a link to an audio recording of this meeting:  ( * )  The recording starts about a minute into the meeting.  The first person you hear talking is John Weiler.  Harry Corpening then "tells the phone" what is being recorded (since he used his cell phone to do the recording).  The next male that talks is Ed Thomas.
    the project being discussed is fixing the floor of the Auditorium portico (the Auditorium's "front porch").
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