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    A message from Board Chairman Harry Corpening to all members of the Board of Trustees of "The Frieinds of Richard J. Reynolds Auditorium":
    The full Board of 'The Friends of Richard J. Reynolds Auditorium' ("Friends") met on June 12th.  The Board accomplished 3 things:
    * added new members and approved the membership of the Board
    * discussed some of the maintenance/repair/renovation projects that will be coming up in the future
    * created a "Priorities Committee" and established that committee's membership.
    This Prioroties Committee met for the first time at 6:00 pm on Monday, October 14th.  The committee had been asked to look at all the major maintenance/renovation projects, and come up with a priority listing for these.  While doing this, they were also asked to come up with a committee-approved opinion as to how these projects should get funded (i.e., do they think the School System should pay for a particular project, or should "Friends" try to find other funding).
    Those Committee members in attendence were:
    * John Weiler (a retired General Contractor who, among many things, oversaw the construction of the Walkertown High School)
    * Ed Thomas (the retired predecessor of Liz May)
    * Robert Kratz (Liz's assistant)
    Those Committee members not present were:
    * Spencer Bennett
    * Andrew Halverson.
    Also present were:
    * Liz May (Auditorium Manager)
    * Harry Corpening (Chair of the Board).
    Liz prepared a 2-page handout for this meeting.  Click here ( * ) to view/download it.
    In this meeting, each of the projects listed on the handout (given at the last full Board meeting) were described and discussed. 
    The next meeting of the Priorities Committee took place in the (downstairs) Green Room of the Auditorium at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, October 29th.  Those Priority Committee members present were: John Weiler, Ed Thomas, Robert Kratz and Stan Elrod.
    Those committee members not present were Spencer Bennett and Andrew Halverson.
    Also present were Harry Corpening and Liz May.
    The following is a link to an audio recording of this 95 minute meeting:  ( * ).  The recording starts about a minute into the meeting....and the discussion is about "securing" the washer and dryer and (soon to be gotten) refrigerator in the Green Room.   The sheets of paper that are referred to are the 2-page handouts that were given out at the full Board meeting.
    Each of the projects listed on the handouts (given at the full Board meeting) was discussed at this meeting. A determination was made for most projects as to when each project should be completed, and also what entity this Committee thinks should pay for that project (i.e., the School System or some other entity...such as "Friends").
    Three of the projects could not be prioritized. The reason:  before the committee can prioritize any particular project, they need to determine its cost. The costs for 3 of the projects is presently unknown.
    One such project is to install "points" on the wall adjacent to the stage.  A "point" is a fixture that things can be hung from.  We want to be able to hang several speakers (stacked vertically one on top of the other), so each of them can be directed at certain parts of the Auditorium seating (and to be specific as to where the various speakers would be directed:  the back balcony, the front balcony, the front downstairs seating, and the seating under the balcony downstairs).  A winch would be installed on the back side of the wall where the "points" are installed (and there would be one point on either side of the stage opening). A chain-cable would go from this electric winch to the point and then it would reach down to the floor (on the other side of the wall).  From that chain-cable:  speakers could be raised into the air.  Below is a picture of the stage of the Carolina Theater in Durham, NC.  You can see the vertically stacked speakers to the left and right of the top of the stage curtain.  These speakers were hung using points...and what we want to do will end up looking pretty much like what you see in the picture.  Having the possibility of flying the speakers will enhance the sound the audience hears as well as generate income from rental of the winch and chain-cable. Income would also be generated as more groups would be interested in renting the Auditorium as a result of the Auditorium having this winch with its chain-cable. 
    Carolina Theater stage
    Below is a picture of the stage of the Carolina Theater in Greensboro.  The curved speakers can be seen to the upper right of the top of the stage curtain.
    Carolina Theater in Greensboro
    Before the points can be installed, a structural engineer needs to ascertain what would need to be done to allow this to happen.  One of the biggest questions that such and engineer can answer:  can these walls hold the weight of these speakers (which may weight up to a 1,000 pounds in total)?  The School System will not pay for the cost of the structural engineer. Liz May got a quote, which can be seen by clicking here ( * ), of $4,700 to do this consulting. FYI:  "Friends" has over $60,000 in funds that are invested in a safe bond fund.  These funds can be ascertained at any time (for improvements to the Auditorium).
    The first question I am asking you to reply back to me with your vote is:  should "Friends" pay $4,700 for the structural engineering report?  Your reply would be either yes or no.
    Because only 4 members of the Board have been present at the Priorities Committee meetings, I think it is wise that I (Harry Corpening) be named a member of this committee.
    The second question I am asking you to reply back to me with your vote is: should Harry Corpening be made a member of the Priorities Committee?  Your reply would be either yes or no.
    Please email me (Harry Corpening) your reply.  My email address:  RJRhighschool@AOL.com.
    On another non-voting matter:  a couple of weeks ago I found 3 pieces of leather furniture and 2 end tables that cost a total of $325. I sent out emails asking for approval for "Friends" to purchase these for the Auditorium's Green Room.  The results of those emails were that I got the Board's approval.  Below are 2 pictures of this furniture in the Green Room.
    Green Room furniture - 1    Green Room furniture - 2
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