• When the proposed on-campus multi-sports stadium/ playing field is complete, ALL students at RJR will have an equal opportunity to participate.  Try to imagine students, faculty, administrators, parents, and neighbors cheering on the Demons - right on the RJR campus!  For many RJR families this convenience will make the difference in being able to support their child, team, and school.  RJR coaches won't have to raise money for bus transportation to "home" games or charge students to cover field rental fees.  RJR students won't have to find their own way to practices and "home" games.  And RJR students won't have to log 15,000 miles annually just to play school sports.  
    RJR is the ONLY high school in Forsyth County that has all of these issues to combat year after year!
    The map below shows where several RJR teams have to practice and play their home games/matches:
    map of where some RJR athletic teams play
    As can be seen via the above map, the following RJR teams have to go to the following places to practice and play:
    * Paisley Middle School        
              *  Girls JV lacrosse                             
              *  Boys  Varsity lacrosse  
    * The Crossnore School                                    
                         *  Boys JV lacrosse                             
                         *  Girls field hockey 
    *  Redeemer  Presbyterian Church                   
                *  Boys soccer                
    The following RJR teams NEVER stage their home meets at RJR, and instead always play at their opponents' field:
                          * Girls track                                                                            
                          *  Boys track
    The following RJR teams play their home games at Bolton Field:          
               *  Girls soccer
               *  Boys soccer
               *  Girls field hockey 
               *  The RJR ROTC has to drill there.
    The following RJR teams play their home games at Deaton Thompson Stadium:
                          *  Boys football
                          *  Boys JV lacrosse
                          *  Girls JV  lacrosse
                          *  Boys Varsity lacrosse 
                          *  Girls Varsity lacrosse.
    If you would like to learn how having a multi-sports stadium on-campus would fix a lot of these problems. click here: ( * ).
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