• Calvin Freeman & Harry Corpening  
    Calvin Freeman (on the left) and Harry Corpening (on the right)

    On Friday afternoon, October 15th, RJR Alumni President Harry Corpening staged a hour-long Q&A interview with Mr. Calvin Freeman (RJR's new Principal).  Many of the questions posed to Mr. Freeman were submitted by Reynolds High School Alumni.  A wide assortment of topics were discussed, and the ground-rules for this interview were that Mr. Corpening would ask all the questions submitted by the Alumni (other than any distasteful ones...which would be discarded).  Harry was also able to add any questions he thought should be asked.  To view this entertaining and informational video, click here ( * ).

    Concerning the various topics discussed, two were somewhat related:  that the 'RJ Reynolds High School Alumni and Friends' corporation as well as 'The Friends of Richard J. Reynolds Auditorium' corporation are each trying to create an endowment with the Winston-Salem Foundation.  To do this, each needs to raise $25,000. 

    "Friends" will do this via donations it receives from folks wanting to name seats in the Auditorium.  To learn how to PERMANENTLY name a seat:  click here ( * ).

    The Alumni will do this via donations it receives.  Click here ( * ) to learn the 3 ways one can make a donation.

    And remember, ALL donations to both entities are considered tax deductible.

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