• proposed RJR multi-sports stadium
    On the evening of November 16, 2015, the "RJR Home Field Advantage" staged a meeting (for supporters of RJR athletic teams and neighbors of the school) to update those in attendance on the plans for the proposed multi-sports on-campus stadium.  The above picture is an over-head view of this proposed facility.  This meeting was videoed, and you can click here ( * ) to view it.
    The other pictures shown at the meeting are below:
    overhead view of proposed stadium  
    The above picture is an over-head view of the proposed multi-sport stadium.  The large building on the right is Wiley Middle School.  The square building with a white square in the middle of it is Wiley's proposed new gymnasium.  The brown and white buildings to the left of the field (next to the road) are Bryson Gymnasium and the Girls Gymnasium.
    overhead view of boundaries of Hanes Park  
     The above picture shows the boundaries of Hanes Park, and well as where the proposed Multi-Sports Stadium will be located.
    Wiley Middle School viewed from Northwest Blvd.  
    The above picture shows Wiley Middle School (viewed from Northwest Blvd.).  The building to the left of the double-doors is an addition (that will be built if the 2016 Bond Proposal gets approved by the County's voters in the November general election).
     proposed multi-sports stadium's field (with Wiley ini the background)
    The above picture is of the proposed RJR Multi-Sports Stadium.  To the left of the arches (on the left of the central square-shaped entrance to the seating area) is proposed new Wiley Middle School gymnasium.  Wiley Middle School is to the left of that. 
    view of proposed multi-sports stadium taken from the front steps of Wiley Middle School  
    The above picture is of the proposed Multi-Sports Stadium viewed from the front steps of Wiley Middle School.  The building to the left of the seats is the proposed new gymnasium for Wiley Middle School. 
    naming opportunities for the RJR Multi-Sports stadium  
    The above list shows the naming opportunities for the proposed RJR Multi-Sports Stadium.  Should you wish further information on this topic, click here ( * ) to send an email to RJR Athletics Director Brad Fisher. 
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