• Josh Settlemyre & Harry Corpening
     Josh Setttlemyre (on the left) and Harry Corpening
    On the afternoon of December 3, 2021, RJR's Director of Bands John Settlemyre was interviewed by RJR Alumni President Harry Corpening via Zoom.  This was a very informative 27-minute conversation.  In the recorded video of this, you will learn that:

    * A typical RJR choral concert will feature about 130 students.

    * It costs about $2.25 to $2.75 in royalties PER STUDENT for the rights to perform a "modern" song in a concert setting

    * RJR's much anticipated "Holiday Showcase" concert (which features performances by the full RJR choir, as well as all of the RJR a cappella groups, as well as the Dancing Boots) will take place on Tuesday evening, Dec. 14th, at Reynolds Auditorium.  

    * the RJR "A Cappella Jam" concert, which will take place on Friday evening at 7:00 pm at Reynolds Auditorium on Jan. 15, 2022, will feature a performance by a mens a cappella group from Minnesota that has twice earned the honor of being proclaimed as "The World's Best Mens A Cappella Group."  If you like good music, this is a MUST SEE event!

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    Since putting on choral concerts has a lot of costs, and there are transportation costs involved whenever a RJR choir gooes somewhere off-campus to perfrom: donations to the RJR Choral Department are much needed and appreciated.  If you would like to make a financial gift, click here ( * ) to learn the several ways you can do this...which includes making an immediate credit card donation.

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