November 3, 2020
    Election Day 
    Because of Covid-19, a LOT of people are wanting to vote at home via an absentee ballot.  It is certainly not too early to request one (so that it can be received, filled out, and then mailed back to the proper Board of Elections in time so that it will be counted).  
    If you are registered to vote anywhere in North Carolina, the easy way to do this is click onto the following link ( * ).  Once you get to this site, merely print the first page of this form, and then look on the remaining pages of this form to see where this request should be mailed (once you have filled it out).
    If you live in any other state, click onto the following link ( * ).  Once there, click onto the "Request an Absentee Ballot" link...and then follow the instructions.
    Click here ( * ) to return to the homepage.