• Stan Elrod

    Stan Elrod, RJR's 5th principal, unexpectedly died on October 25th. Stan was hired in 1982 as the boys basketball coach at Reynolds.  He also taught social studies.  During his tenure at RJR, he was also the Athletic Director, an Assistant Principal, and in 1991 he was named Principal (after Robert "Bob" Deaton retired).  He held that position until 2005, when he was named the first principal of Ronald Reagan High School. To view a local newspaper article about Mr. Elrod, click here ( * ).

    His funeral (which was open to the public) was held at Richard J. Reynolds Memorial Auditorium on Sunday afternoon, October 30th.  To view a video of this amazing service (which allowed the hundreds of non-family attendees to learn a LOT about Stan's life they probably knew very little about):  click here ( * ) NOTE:  you will need to do the following things with your cursor to have a better viewing experience. 1) Take your cursor and click onto the bottom of the picture of the stage (at any place). 2) You will notice a time-line which is to the right of a white arrow. At the far-right-side of the time-line you will see 6 bars (with the shortest one being closest to the timeline).  Click onto the tallest bar, so you will be able to hear the video. 3) Move your cursor to the far left-end of the time-line, and then slide it to the right until you get to the 46:00 minute mark.  Once there:  click onto your cursor. 4) move your cursor and click onto the "PAUSE/PLAY" icon (and you may have to do this a couple of times before the video starts).

    To view Mr. Elrod's obituary, click here ( * ).  

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