• Mary Margaret Frank and Harry Corpening

     Dr. Mary Margaret Frank                           Harry Corpening
    RJR Alumni President Harry Corpening asked the alumni (via his emailed newsletters to them) to send him names of other RJR alums who have excelled in their profession...so that he can hopefully interview them via Zoom.  He would post a video of that conversation onto the RJR Alumni website, so others can learn more about these amazing professionals.
    On March 26th, Harry interviewed Dr. Mary Margaret Frank...who is the Senior Associate Dean for Faculty Development in the Darden Business School at the University of Virginia.  To view that conversation with this outstanding member of the Class of 1987, click here ( * )
    Should you know of a RJR alum that has excelled, please email that information to Harry Corpening at RJRhighschool@aol.com.
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