Leslie Alexander
    The LESLIE Fund
    On the afternoon of July 12, 2015, at RJR Alumni's Multi-Class Reunion, Alumni President Harry Corpening announced the creation of the LESLIE Fund.  (To see this, click on the following link...and then advance the timeline to 43 1/2 minutes:  ( * ).
    If you do not have the time to view the video:  this fund will allow all RJR Alumni (and anyone else) to send in (tax deductible) donations to a fund which is overseen by RJR's  Principal (Mrs. Leslie Alexander).  She will determine how to best utilize the monies in this fund to make RJR a better school.  Should YOU wish to send in a donation:  mail your check (made out to "RJR Alumni") to:
    RJR Alumni  *  PO Box 26172  *  Winston-Salem, NC 27114.
    Please make a notation on the memo line that it is for the LESLIE Fund.
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