site of Proposed RJR Stadium
    On Tuesday night, October 10, 2018, the Winston-Salem/Forsyth County School Board unanimously approved the architectural plans for the proposed RJR Multi-Sports Stadium.  To read an article in the local newspaper about this, click here ( * ).
    Two days later the local newspaper came out saying they were in favor of the stadium being built.  To read their editorial, click here ( * ).
    Also on that day RJR Alumni President Harry Corpening recorded a conversation he had with Stan Dean (who is the spokesperson for RJR's "Home Field Advantage" initiative).  Stan gave an update as to where things stand concerning the proposed stadium.  To view that video, click here ( * ).
    Should you wish to learn more about giving (and naming) opportunities for the stadium, click here ( * ).
    Should you wish to learn more about why RJR should have an on-campus stadium...and why many folks think it should be paid for by the School System: click here ( * )
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