• Design Process
    Engineering Design
    Course Overview
    This course focuses on how engineers apply their creativity, resourcefulness, mathematical, scientific and technical knowledge and skills in the creation or refinement of technological products/systems. A key approach will be the employment of a sophisticated, sequential and iterative design and development process to solve authentic engineering tasks/problems.

    Students will be challenged to participate as members of engineering teams within a typical business organization. Independent and group work will be reflective of authentic engineering projects found in the designed world. Student performance within this structure will be assessed in numerous and diverse ways. It is important to note that measurement of student performance will be reflective of actual professional engineering evaluative processes currently used in this career field. Major ‘topics’ or ‘chapters’ will be included to organize instruction of appropriate standards and benchmarks and reflect contemporary engineering industry practices:

    • Principles of Design
    • Engineering Resources
    • Engineering Design Process
    • Project Management