• Behavior Resources
    Available support from the Behavior Liaisons:
    1. Planning for the Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)
    2. FBA & BIP Process and Forms
    3. Behavior Data Collection 
    4. BST Help Sessions
    5. General Classroom Management Strategies
    6. 2016 - 2017 Training Dates

     How else do the Behavior Liaisons support students and teachers? 

    The Behavior Support Team (BST):
    1. Provides short term interventions to enable students to remain in school
    2. Conducts environmental analyses and offers classroom management recommendations
    3. Monitors and summarizes/graphs data being collected by school staff
    4. Consults with school staff to implement both classroom and individual student interventions
    5. Consults with school staff on the development/ revisions of the Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP), and behavior goals
    6. Provides assistance with creating individual supports for the eligible student (e.g., visual schedules, social stories, token systems, behavior contracts, etc.)

     The Behavior Liaison will monitor, coordinate, and link services and interventions for the student.  He or she will provide training, interventions, and services to staff working with the high-risk student, the student themselves, and other service providers.  In addition we will assist with follow-up data collection and efficacy checks regarding the recommended behavior strategies.


    1. Students can be Preschool through High School
    2. Student must be identified as EC (the funds are non-categorical) to be accepted
    3. Student must have FBA, BIP, and behavior goals in place and exhibit significant problematic behaviors  with supporting data
    4. BST services are not written on the IEP nor is the BST written into implementation of goals


    All referrals to the BST will go through the appropriate EC Program Director for initial review. The school will contact the appropriate EC Program Director who will provide the referral form. When a BST referral form has been completed and signed by both the principal and the EC Program Director it will be forwarded to the Behavior Support Team.  Once the completed referral has been received the Behavior Support Team, an observation will be scheduled.  Following the observation, the Behavior Support Team will meet to review the student to see if the criteria has been met for eligibility of PRC-29 support services.




Last Modified on August 29, 2016