Choosing a Data Collection Method


    Suggested Data Collection Method

    The problem behavior does not occur often.  


    We need to know exactly how many times the behavior occurs per day.

    The behavior is easy to count and the length of observation time is consistent day to day.   

     The behavior is easy to count but the length of observation time is different from day to day.


    The behavior occurs for long periods of time and the beginning and end of the behavior is observable.


    The behavior does not occur often, but when it does, it occurs at long durations.


    We need to know the length of time the behavior occurs.


    We need to know how often or specific times that a behavior occurs.

    The problem behavior occurs at a high frequency.

    The behavior occurs frequently and the duration of the behavior is really short.

    The behavior occurs constantly.

    The student is presented with opportunities to engage in an appropriate behavior.


    We need to know how long it takes for a student to start engaging in a behavior when presented with the opportunity.


    The observer needs to record multiple behaviors of multiple students at one time.

    Time Sampling

    We need documentation of a specific intervention (e.g., token economy).

    Permanent Product

    We need supplemental data to support our primary method of data collection (e.g., referrals).      

    Permanent Product

Last Modified on August 29, 2016