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Celebrating Multicultural Month at Diggs-Latham Elementary

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Diggs 12By Amanda Gordon

Diggs-Latham Elementary

MAY 21, 2021 – “Hello!  Hola! Bonjour! Chao!” Multicultural Month is an exciting time at our school.  Previously, we focused solely on Cinco De Mayo, but, a few years ago, we realized we have around 21 countries represented among our students and staff, so we changed our focus to a Multicultural approach. 

Multicultural Committee Co-Chair and ESL Teacher, Mrs. Abadesa Ochoa shared: “It's important to show everyone that embracing differences is how we can show compassion, respect, and, most importantly, love. Love is the mindset people need to show when there are differences in the world.”

From the beginning of April through the first week of May, we celebrated countries and cultures from around the world.  Daily announcements played music through the hallways while Mrs. Ochoa greeted students with phrases in other languages as well as fun facts. Students and teachers celebrated and investigated throughout the month through virtual Multicultural storytelling, read alouds, dancing, demonstrations and more, with links organized on an interactive calendar. 

Diggs 56“There's a passion in me to involve everyone in recognizing each other and being proud of who we are and where we came from,” Mrs. Ochoa explained when discussing why she has organized Multicultural Events for the last few years. “I felt proud that we recognized so many countries.”

For the Multicultural Month finale, a colorful parade of students and teachers passed down sidewalks and through the halls on Monday morning, and a drive through parade of families, with teachers on the sidewalk, concluded the Friday evening festivities. 

The school parade showcased students and teachers dressed in traditional clothing that reflected their country of origin. The parade circled the school with students and teachers waving flags and waving hello to those watching.  One kindergartner, Christian said, “This was the best day ever.” 

For the evening parade, families decorated their cars with balloons, signs, and flags. Teachers greeted them on the sidewalk, waving flags and wearing authentic clothing and attire from countries from around the world.

Our resident DJ and Band/Music Teacher, Mr. Rick Sigler, played authentic songs and tunes.  Each family in attendance was entered in a chance to win several prizes including pinatas and baskets with multicultural artifacts.  Each student received a bag of candy, representative of candies from around the world.

“It was even more important this year to celebrate the different Cultures here at Diggs -Latham with all that is going on,” shared co-chair and Pre-Kindergarten teacher, Mrs. Lisa O’Brien.  “We have people from all over the world here at Diggs- Latham; we had 4 languages represented in our online presentations. I hope next year even more teachers will read a book from their childhood and their native language. I was so proud of the families and staff that made the time to be part of our celebration.”

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