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Dancing Classrooms

In recent weeks, fifth-graders in elementary schools throughout Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools have been participating in the Dancing Classrooms program. On May 18, such elementary schools as Morgan and Sedge Garden will be in a district competition at Ward Elementary.

Below Gregg Davis, an Exceptional Children (EC) teacher at Sedge Garden Elementary, shares some of this thoughts about the program. For more pictures, go to Your Permanent Record.

Dance 11 By Guest Writer Gregg Davis

Exceptional Children teacher, Sedge Garden Elementary School

APRIL 10, 2017 – Our school's unique ballroom dancing program is also a unique educational program. It teaches our children moral lessons in a subtle way, which is often the best way to teach. All of our fifth-grade classes participate in the program.

Through a fun program that gives the children both exercise and a little refinement, our children are learning valuable life lessons:

We all have different roles in life.  And a partnership in life is like that in dance, some lead and some follow.

There are things you might like or not like about your role.

Life involves trade-offs.  The leader has the freedom of leading.  But that carries the burden of responsibility.  Following sounds subservient; but it is frees you from the burden of leadership.

Here's the neat part:  none of these lessons have been communicated to our fifth-graders overtly. It's all remained unsaid-- but taught nevertheless.  It's a great example of the 'hidden curriculum' in education, where you taught them something without doing so directly.

Dance 3 You will find more about the national program at Dancing Classrooms