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"A Clean Start" Thanks to Fifth-Graders at Kernersville Elementary

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Some pictures with this story were provided by Jennifer Owensby Eminger, the Lifestyles Editor for “Kernersville News.”

Control 22 By Kim Underwood

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

NOVEMBER 21, 2018 – Fifth-graders at Kernersville Elementary School found it rewarding to collect cleaning supplies to be distributed through Crisis Control Ministry in Kernersville.  

“I like that it helps people,” said Jordan Dean.

“I think it’s a good thing,” said Kristina Reid. “I love helping people.”

Kristina especially likes it when she sees smiles on people faces.

“It helps the people who are in need and don’t have things,” said Kinnady Boothe. “I am very thankful that I have the things I need.”

“I really like it because it helps people who need help,” said Neveah Wright.

“I just love that were are giving back to other people,” said Keiryana Renew.

Control 23 The fifth-graders are all members of the Senior Service Club at Kernersville, which participates in service projects at the school and in the community. On Tuesday, the members of the club hopped on a bus provided by the Kernersville Family YMCA and headed over to the Crisis Control office in Kernersville to deliver their “Clean Start Buckets.”

Teacher Jenna Valentine-Turner serves as the adviser for the club.

“Empathy in Action” is the theme for the club, she said.

Kernersville Elementary is a Title I school where a high percentage of students come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, and the members of the Senior Service Club undertake projects to help other students as well as projects to help people in the wider community.    

For the “Clean Start Buckets” project, students had filled buckets with cleaning supplies that people can use when, say, they are moving into a new home or cleaning up the home where they might be staying temporarily.

Control 13 Valentine-Turner, who is a Social Emotional Learning Specialist, came up with the project after talking with Kathy Hoffner, the director of Crisis Control’s Kernersville office.

“I was really excited she was thoughtful enough to give me a call,” Hoffner said.

Crisis Control helps people dealing with circumstances that may make it difficult for them to have the money to pay for rent or for prescriptions or to buy food. When money is short, Hoffner said, people may not buy cleaning supplies, even though the supplies could make a big difference in making a home comfortable and ensuring good health.

The Crisis Control pantry has food but few cleaning supplies, Hoffner said.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have some cleaning supplies to give them when they move into new housing?” she said to Valentine-Turner.

Valentine-Turner liked the idea and got behind it as a project.

“I think it’s going to be really great for our clients,” Hoffner said.

Control 29 And, come spring, she said, Crisis Control can offer any cleaning supplies they still have to clients for spring cleaning.

Money for the “Clean Start Buckets” project came from individuals who contributed to the notice that Valentine-Turner posted on DonorsChoose, a website that enable people to support classroom projects, and from the music group Pearl Jam, which provides matching money for projects that help people in need.

You can see the notice Valentine-Turner posted at DonorsChoose.

When the students came to the Crisis Control office on Bodenhamer Street to drop off the “Clean Start Buckets,” they also took a tour. In the pantry, Hoffner filled them in on some of the ways in which the ministry serves people.

Along the way, some students answered questions about how they participate in keeping their own homes clean.

“I clean my bathroom and my room and my living room,” Jordan said.

Krisina said she enjoys cleaning. “I usually help my mom around the house,” she said.

“I like vacuuming the house because my dog sheds a lot,” said Kinnady.

Her dog is a shar pei/lab mix named Piper.

Control 24 Keiryana said, “I like to clean my room because I like to be organized.”

With this project done for now, members of the club will begin collect such toiletries as shampoo and toothpaste to donate to seniors living in residential communities.

“We’re going to roll right into a personal hygiene drive,” she said. 

Joining Valentine-Turner at Crisis Control were Sandra Funk, Whitney Frack and Debra Lackey. The fifth-graders participating in the Senior Service Club project were:

Aleah Hamlin

Kiyana Crump

Natalie Parrot

Lauryn Brown

Violet Flores

McKenzie House

Carolina Ramirez

Melanie Valdez

Alea Youngblood

Jamal Turner

Elizabeth Diaz

Jamel Turner

Elijah Smith

Jezaniah Patterson

Kierston Hocevar

Miracle Hernandez

Zeah Brown

Kelly Chau

Madeline Mejia

Chelsea Martinez

Arianna McGrady

Adia Gueye

Nevaeh Wright

Kaylee Crider

Jarian Brannon

Jarred Henderson

Kristina Reid

Valeria Cortez

Keiryana Renew

Courtney Martinez

Yadira Martinez

Diana Lopez

Kinnady Boothe

Delilah Watson

Johnny Sebok

Wadell Fair

Jordan Dean


Kim Underwood