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Walkertown Elementary Families Head to Food Lion for Family Math Night

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Math 2- By Ashley Bernard

Parent Involvement Coordinator

Walkertown Elementary School

March 20, 2019 – On Thursday March 14, 2019, parents and students at Walkertown Elementary, joined teachers and the local Food Lion staff for a night of mathematical fun.

Parents and students worked together to apply basic math skills to shop for bargains, while comparing prices and solving word problems. This event allowed students to see how practical and useful math is outside the classroom and highlighted the importance of parent-family engagement.

Food Lion’s Family Math Night was an exciting and refreshing way for the community to support the learning of our students and to share with parents how everyday activities like grocery shopping can be used as a teaching moment to promote academic success.

Walkertown Elementary is extremely grateful to the staff at Food Lion located in Walkertown for showing our students and their families an amazing time.

Our teachers are especially grateful for the gift basket full of supplies that was gifted to one of our teachers – Mrs. Janette Frazier – and for the gift card that was won by first-grade teacher Mrs. Alicia Venable for having the most students from her class attend.

Math 7 Ashley Bernard, the Parent Involvement Coordinator for Walkertown Elementary School, would like to especially thank Customer Service Manager Mrs. Cherolyn Sulton for helping to coordinate such as wonderful event, along with Food Lion Regional Community Liaison Mrs. Kathy Whicker for her support and effort to help us promote this event to all our parents and students.

When asked why Food Lion host events like this, Store Manager Clayton Rice, had this to say, “Food Lion Family Math Night is a great way to connect with our small town and cities. Our grocery stores are transformed into a live classroom, giving families an opportunity to work together to apply math skills in a fun and friendly environment. Our associates really enjoyed seeing the elementary students have such a fun time with their families.”