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Meadowlark Wins Elementary Battle of the Books District Competition

For pictures of the Brunson and Morgan teams, go to Your Permanent Record.

Win 4 APRIL 8, 2019 – Meadowlark Elementary is the 2019 Elementary Battle of the Books champion for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.

The competition was held Thursday. Meadowlark won with 208 points. Brunson Elementary came in second with 203 points, and Morgan was third with 202 points.

Media Specialist Emily Cagle is the head coach of the Meadowlark team.

“I am so thrilled that our students have the opportunity to connect with one another through rich literary experiences,” Cagle said. 

“The books expose students to diversity and reflect their own lives too.  Through Elementary Battle of the Books students collaborate and learn perseverance, all while immersing themselves in the books.

Here is what some of the Meadowlark students had to say:

Emma Hemphill, fifth grade: “What I really love about EBOB is that you get to work together as a team to accomplish a common goal.”

Megan Moore, fifth grade: “I love the amazing books on the list and working with a team.”

Win 2 Tyler Burton, fifth grade: “I love to get to read a variety of books. I also love to have fun with my teammates.”

Leah Petty, fourth grade: “I love how everyone is nice, encouraging, incredible and how they love books as much as I do. I also love the competition and the books.”

The other coaches of the Meadowlark team are Cheryl Bullard, Bobbie Fulcher, Suzanne Arnold and April Murray.

Lisa Thompson-Weber is the coach of the Brunson team.

The coaches of the Morgan team are Lisa England, Susan Jameson, and Jill Carter.

Meadowlark will compete in the Regionals in May.

The Meadowlark students participating in Battle of the Books were:

William Allaire

Amelia Ruth Bullard

Tyler Burton

Stella Grace Hodges

Prakash Keeley

Win 3 Rachel Allen

Madison Brown

Emma Hemphill

Megan Moore

Lauren Powell

Carter Allen

Leah Petty