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Bikes for Books at Lewisville Elementary

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Bike 1 By Shannon Spencer

Principal Intern

Lewisville Elementary School

MAY 14, 2019 – Thanks to the Books for Bikes program, five students at Lewisville Elementary now own new bicycles.

Lewisville Elementary School has partnered with the West Bend Masonic Lodge #434 of Lewisville to host the Bikes for Books program since 2013 under the direction of Principal Angie Choplin.

The program is designed to help promote reading outside the school day and get students excited not only about reading, but also about reading a variety of genres.

Students are tasked with reading seven books selected from the following genres: fiction, nonfiction, poetry, biography, and free choice.

Once students have read the seven books and have recorded the titles and genres, they turn their forms in to the media center and are entered into a drawing for one of the bicycles supplied by the West Bend Masonic Lodge of Lewisville. Students were able to enter as many times as they would like, and many students entered multiple times.

In addition to reading a variety of genres, students in grades 3-5 were also tasked with completing an activity about one of the books they read, such as writing a letter to the author or a character in the book, writing a book review, or pretending to conduct a six-question interview with a character of the book.

This year, Lewisville Elementary School decided to set a school-wide goal of reading 2,500 books for the Bikes for Books program. We exceeded our goal, reading 3,038 books!

On Friday, April 26, members M.D. Benge and Daniel Choplin (husband of Angie Choplin) of the West Bend Masonic Lodge #434 were part of a “Prize Patrol” team of administrators and staff members to help deliver the bicycles to the winning students – 5 bicycles total.

Books 13 The Prize Patrol team surprised students in classrooms with their bikes and announced the winners. Students even got to take a brief joy ride on their bikes in the hallway while their peers cheered for them. It was a fun and exciting day!

In addition the supplying the bikes, the West Bend Masonic lodge also ensured that all students had access to helmets.