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New Building for Paisley & Lowrance Nears Completion

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Lobby 67 By Kim Underwood

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

AUGUST 6, 2019 – As the day approaches for teachers to return to their schools, construction workers are finishing up the new home for Paisley & Lowrance.

In June 2017, construction began on a building that will serve as a home for both Paisley IB Magnet School and Lowrance Middle School.

A large sign across the top of the new building vividly makes that point.

The new building is 224,196 square feet and is designed to handle a total of 1,277 students.

Although the schools will share such areas as the cafeteria, auditorium, media center and courtyard space, they will continue to be two separate schools. While sharing a building where students can work together and get to know each other, each school will have its own classrooms and will retain its own identity.

Work 19 On Monday Aug. 5, Colon Moore, the school system’s Director of Construction & School Planning, gave a tour of the building to Kenneth Simington, the interim superintendent, along with the Instructional Superintendents and other administrators who are members of the school system’s Executive Cabinet.

The new building sits near the intersection of Thurmond and 14th streets, just south of the old Paisley building. Gary Cone, the principal of Paisley, met the group for the tour.

After everyone gathered in the lobby, Moore took them into the office.

“We’ll have a Paisley desk and a Lowrance desk,” Moore said.

He then took everyone down a long hall that has the offices for the administrators of both schools.

Other stops included the gym where workers were in the process of finishing the wood floor. In hallways and elsewhere, workers were painting and taking care of other details.

Many of the rooms were filled with boxes and furniture.

Paint 45 With many of the Lowrance students having physical disabilities, the school is designed so that, as much as possible, Lowrance students are on the main level. Elevators can take students to other levels as needed.

The building includes spaces not found in all schools, such as a suite where Lowrance speech/language pathologists can work with students.

Paisley’s colors are green and gold, and Lowrance’s colors as blue and white. So the school’s color scheme includes those colors as well as other colors.

The land directly behind the school belongs to Crossnore School & Children’s Home, so many of the windows provide views filled with trees. During the tour, Instructional Superintendent Lionel Kato mentioned that he had seen a horse on an earlier visit.

The budget for the construction of the building is $39,780,754. The total budget for the project – which also includes design, furniture, technology, land acquisition, testing services and more – is $49,129,975.

The project is being paid for with bond money that voters approved in 2016.

Sand 60 By the time teachers return, the building will be ready to go, Moore said. For a couple of months after that, workers might be around taking care of final details.

Kim Underwood