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Innovative Teaching Grants Announced

Congratulations to the recipients of the Innovative Teaching Grants. When you are working with students on your project, you are welcome to email pictures and a write-up to Kim Underwood so that we can let others know about your project.

Logo 3 OCTOBER 9, 2019 - The recipients of the Innovative Teaching Grants for the 2019-20 school year have been announced.

The grants of up to $500 are sponsored by Woody Clinard and administered through the Forsyth Educator Partnership. The total amount awarded this school year comes to $23,480.

“Congratulations!” said Angie Vaughn, the Director  of the Forsyth Educator Partnership. “The money will be distributed to the school's financial officers within the next 10 days."  

A few notes from Vaughn:

  • ALL grants must be used during this current school year 
  • Some ITG winners were approved at a lower amount than requested.
  • We experienced a 200% increase in applications for the 2019-20 school year, therefore not all applications were funded.
  • If you applied this year and your project was not funded, please reapply next year.
  • Remember grant funds are to be used for projects in the classroom
  • All grant recipients will receive an observation during fourth quarter to showcase their project and are expected to submit a summary detailing how their project positively influenced their classroom and their students. 

If you have any questions, please email Angie Vaughn

The 2019-20 Innovative Teaching Grant recipients are:

Michelle Avendano, Speas Elementary, $500

Gabriella Sheran Ayala, Hall-Woodward Elementary, $460

Carrie Elizabeth Bennett, Mount Tabor High, $330

Larry Berry, Main Street Academy, $500

Eva Bishop, Jefferson Elementary, $500

Mimi Beth Blackweider, Lowrance Middle, $500

Michell Bratton, Kimberley Park Elementary, $500

Kim Briggs, Reynolds High, $500

Wendy Broadstreet, Jefferson Middle, $500

Rose Brown, Kimberley Park Elementary, $300

Edwina Cain, Ward Elementary, $500

Lauren Casey, Hall-Woodward Elementary, $500

Kathleen Crook, Morgan Elementary, $500

Brennon David, Main Street Academy, $500

Holly DuBois, Caleb’s Creek Elementary, $466

Jennifer Edgerton, Union Cross Elementary, $400

Jessica Fields, Southwest Elementary, $420

Venessa Flynt, Kimberley Park Elementary, $350     

Dona Frass, Griffith Elementary, $500

Mariah Fullton, Mineral Springs Middle, $100

Catherine Gant, Piney Grove Elementary, $500

Kathryn Gehrs, Kimberley Park Elementary, $350

Celia Gonzalez, Speas Global Elementary, $403

Mary Griffith, Mineral Springs Middle, $500

Stephanie Griffith, Meadowlark Elementary, $500

Tiffany Hagan, Hall-Woodward, $475

Tammy Hancock, Vienna Elementary, $300

Ashley Hayes, Union Cross Elementary, $253

Ellen Hefner, Glenn High, $500

Pay Hooker, West Forsyth High, $500      

Beatrix Hutton, Kimberley Park Elementary, $500

Monique Jones, Hall-Woodward Elementary, $500

Elizabeth Krivsky, Clemmons Middle, $500

Julie LaPlante, Sedge Garden Elementary, $500

Shannon Andrew Martin, Rural Hall Elementary, $125

Jennifer Pisini Martin, Mount Tabor High, $500

Marcia Mahaffey, Clemmons Middle, $500

Mike McDowell, Jefferson Middle, $500

Karen Morris, Flat Rock Middle, $500

Robin Myers, Reynolds High, $500

Michele Parsons, Mineral Springs Middle, $350

Michelle Pate, Mineral Springs Middle, $500      

Amanda Reaves, Union Cross Elementary, $500

Jennifer Seabourn/Bonnie Alexander, Mineral Spring Elementary, $500

Erin Riddle-Smith, Kimberley Park Elementary, $485

Robert Steven Rose, Mineral Springs Middle, $500

Laurie Schaefer, Mount Tabor High, $480

Kristen Stouffer, South Fork Elementary, $200

Sylvan Taylor, The Downtown School, $410

Alessandra Terreni, Jefferson Elementary, $240      

Kaycee Thomas, Whitaker Elementary, $421

Debra Coram Troxell, West Forsyth High, $270

Carlos Valencia, Diggs-Latham Elementary, $490

Kayla Vaden, Piney Grove Elementary, $500

Shayne Willis, Flat Rock Middle, $402