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"Every Step You Take" Project at Whitaker Elementary

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Whitaker 2 By Jennifer Walldorf

Teacher Whitaker Elementary

OCTOBER 17, 2019 - Each class at Whitaker Elementary learned that "every step we take" to add kindness and end bullying matters.

We had a discussion about what it looks like to be kind. We all agreed that to be kind and to look out for someone else requires that we think about others and put ourselves in someone else's shoes.

As a “Leader In Me” school, our students are learning the habit of "seeking first to understand, then to be understood." This habit helps us think of others and see opportunities to be a good friend.

Our differences make us stronger. We made a list of ways we can stop bullying when we see it and show kindness. Our third, fourth, and fifth-graders footprints reflect awareness that bullying can happen anywhere, including online; and they are equipped to prevent cyberbullying.

Every student, teacher, and staff member at our school can help create a world without bullying. As members of the Whitaker Elementary School Family, we want to each do our part to spread kindness, acceptance, and inclusion. Each student has written/drawn steps they will take to spread kindness. Our hallways are lined with the footprints of each student leading the way. The footprints are a good reminder of the many opportunities we have each day to be kind and look out for others. Together we are creating a place where we all thrive.