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Promoting Kindness and Unity at West Forsyth

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Unity 2 By Tavia Gilmore

English Teacher and Multicultural Society Club Sponsor

West Forsyth High School

NOVEMBER 8, 2019 – This year for October’s Kindness/Anti-Bullying Campaign, the students, staff, and faculty at West Forsyth decided to participate in a number of activities, unifying our campus around one goal: To promote kindness and stamp out bullying.

For the entire month of October, members from two student-groups – The Multicultural Society and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) Club – read kindness quotes during the morning announcements. These quotes were positive, uplifting messages of hope and often included statistics about the effects of bullying.

Students from SADD Club decorated the football fence with orange cups to spell KIND. SADD Club challenged each teacher in every department to hang orange banners on their classroom door or within their building that shared kind, thoughtful messages. Many took this as an opportunity to have their students reflect and respond directly in the classroom banner.

As the sponsor of the SADD Club, Sharee Sherman played an integral role in the events of the month.

Meanwhile, students from The Multicultural Society challenged each club on campus to decorate Kindness Stones as we Rocked the Campus with Kindness during Week Two. Teachers were then invited to bring their classes to observe the Kindness Stones and, using reflection sheets, reflect upon one word or quote they, the students, related to the most. The most meaningful part included students expressing how they could demonstrate their chosen word or phrase of kindness in reality.

During Week Three, both clubs delivered Links of Kindness to all first-period teachers. Everyone participated, creating a chain link of almost 2,400 positive, encouraging, words of kindness! For UNITY Day, each club challenged the campus to have our biggest show of unity yet by wearing orange and then participating in a group photo on the football field. This event yielded campus-wide participation, including office staff, administrators, cafeteria workers, teachers, and students-alike.

For the final week of October, the sponsor of Kindness/Anti-Bullying Month, Guidance Counselor Robin Downs, provided over 2,400 pledge cards that called for students and staff to “take a stand and step up against bullying.”  

Although the events of the month are over, the positive effects of the campaign are still reverberating around campus as we stand strong in our mission to remain an inclusive campus by promoting kindness.