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Happy Thanksgiving!

This comes to us from Angie Choplin, the Principal at Lewisville Elementary:

Church 1 NOVEMBER 26, 2019 – Happy Thanksgiving!

I wanted to share a joy from our community with all of you. Pastor Phillip Brown with Lewisville Baptist Church contacted me a couple of months ago and shared his church wanted to give a gift of appreciation to our staff. He asked for a count of employees. 

Then he asked for the number of bus drivers, cafeteria workers, PTA executive board members and traveling employees. Last night before I left school, I placed an envelope in every mailbox – teachers, teacher assistants, office team, psychologist, ESL, HI, cafeteria, social worker, EC case manager. Each card contained a $5 gift card to a restaurant somewhere in our community. 

This morning, every bus driver (substitutes included) was given a card. We will do the same this afternoon. Due to the ever-changing drivers the church elected to give the card to whomever was driving the bus number today!!!!

Church 2 Dr. Hairston your message of sharing appreciation is being heard! You cannot imagine the sincere joy and appreciation that has trickled throughout our building today.

It made my heart happy and, on this holiday in which we celebrate the things we are thankful for, I wanted you to know the community appreciates the work of our team. 

I want you to know I appreciate each of you and the support you give our team and students.  Happy Thanksgiving to each of you.