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Ladies with a Purpose

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Lodge 2 By Carla Morris-Scott

Carter High School

DECEMBER 10, 2019 – The motto of the Smart Girls Club at Carter High Schools is "Ladies with a Purpose."

Our goal and mission is believing and helping, giving, mentoring to each other while caring for the community for those in need, and providing needed personal items for those in need in our school and community. 

On Dec. 2, Eddie Schapira, the owner of River Birch Lodge, sponsored a lunch for the Smart Girls Club members and Carter staff members.

This was a Lunch Social for the girls. The restaurant entertained us in a Holiday room, and it was an amazing experience for the students.

In January, the Smart Girls Club will begin a RED Bag Campaign. We'll fill Red Bags with needed items for people who are homeless and distribute them to shelters in our community!

Stay tuned! The Smart Girls Club at Carter High School is on the move!! 

Participating staff members included:

Kim Peoples

Leshan Cunningham

Benita Suber

Amy Binns

Misti-Miller Carmichael

T-Lynn Borders

Darlean Stephens

Carla Morris-Scott

Shawnna Penn