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An “EGGxtra” Special Treat for Students at Kimberley Park Elementary

Easter 1 By Yvette Evans

Media Specialist

Kimberley Park Elementary

APRIL 21, 2020 - Friday, April 10th was a beautiful day on the campus of Kimberley Park Elementary School.  Brightly colored flowers, green grass, and colorful eggs were strategically placed all over the school grounds.

A picture perfect setting for an egg hunt!

Problem was, the more than 200 Kimberley Park students and their families who normally come to the hunt were missing. With schools closed due to the pandemic and everyone practicing social distancing, Mia Parker - who is the Parental Involvement Coordinator - had to come up with a creative way to still have this annual event that always brings fellowship and fun.

“We wanted something for students and families that would be thought provoking and fun,” said Parker.

Thus, the first-ever Kimberley Park VIRTUAL Egg Hunt was created.  

Parker – with the help of several members of the Kimberley Park staff and administration – got busy preparing for this premiere event. 

Parker placed plastic eggs and other objects in various places around the campus, then took pictures of where she placed them. 

She explained: “By providing pictures of familiar places around the school, students could make a connection to where the eggs were physically located as if they were there!”

Easter 22 She then composed questions and clues for students to answer about what they saw in the pictures during the virtual hunt, and put everything together in a Google Slide presentation. 

Art/Innovation teacher Beatrix Hutton, helped as well.

“My job was to make it interactive so it would be easy for kids and parents to share their answers in an organized way,” Hutton said.

She did this through a Google Form. Hutton took the pictures and questions and formatted them so kids could easily look and fill in the answers. Each question was assigned either one or two points.

Examples of questions included: How many eggs do you see around the flag pole? Where is the yellow egg? In which places did you see the purple bunny?

While practicing social distancing, staff members wore masks and delivered baskets full of goodies to the first 12 students who submitted their Google Forms with the correct answers. 

Easter 44 Principal Diamond Cotton was one of those who helped with deliveries. She was very pleased with the idea of a virtual egg hunt.

“During the recent disruption of face to face learning, staying connected is more important than ever,” she explained. 

“We know that having strong and secure bonds with students and families is important in the social & emotional development of our children. While we know that virtual learning may be different for many, we want our students to know that we are here for them and that virtual learning can be fun and engaging,”

Cotton said the number of students who participated in the virtual egg hunt shows that “we are still connected and that our students are listening.” 

Helping deliver baskets along with Mrs. Cotton and Mrs. Parker were PE teacher Derrick Hall,  Curriculum Coordinator Linda Lofton, Instructional Facilitator Janet Moore, and School Counselor Michelle Bratton, who dressed as a bunny during her basket deliveries. 

Rashawn Meekins, who is School Improvement Grant Coach, and Abria Frazier, who teaches first grade, created the baskets.  

First-grader Delilah Young, one of the egg hunt winners, enjoyed participating in the new virtual experience. 

“I was learning while having fun,” she said.

Egg 45 It was indeed a fun learning experience because the students had to pay close attention to the pictures in the slide presentation, and they had to count the number of eggs they saw. 

Parents also appreciated the concept of a virtual hunt. 

Darine Young, Delilah’s mom said, “I thought the egg hunt was a fantastic and wonderful activity to do with my daughter.  It was like an online scavenger hunt to find and count eggs.” 

Jamila Smith is both a Kimberley Park parent and third grade teacher, and she expressed her feelings about the event from a teacher perspective.

“Kimberley Park’s first virtual egg hunt was such an inviting event that stimulated excitement, but in a more intense, thought provoking way,” she said.

Jocelyn Mata-Cabrera is a fourth-grader who found the virtual hunt to be very entertaining.  She described it as “ fun, challenging and hard!”

“I enjoyed the virtual egg hunt because it had a lot of questions,” said Jocelyn. 

Egg 56 As one of the winners, not only did Jocelyn enjoy eating the candy, she says she also enjoyed playing with the toys in the basket with her sisters. 

“My favorite toy was the slime,” she said.  “My sisters and I had a great time making slime!”

Jocelyn added that she is thankful to Kimberley Park for making a virtual egg hunt because she had a great time participating!

In some ways this event, held on a Friday, was a great way to introduce the district’s new FLEX Friday! It was a Fun activity while still learning, and students and families engaged in Leisure time while connecting. All in all, Kimberley Park’s first ever Virtual Egg Hunt seems to have been an EGGxtraordinary success.