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"Pure Joy!"

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Mineral 1 Kim Underwood

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

APRIL 24, 2020 – Working with her students at Mineral Springs Elementary this year, Angela Rader soon discovered that they consider Takis rolled tortilla chips a special treat.

“They love those,” she said.

So, when she decided to put together treat bags to take to her students now that they are learning at home, she knew she wanted to include Takis.

She added other treats as well. She didn’t include school supplies because she wanted this to be just about fun.

“I’m not coming saying, ‘Do some work. Do some work.’”

She does plan to take them school supplies another day.

This is Rader’s first year at Mineral Springs. As an Exceptional Children Resource teacher, she works with 46 students in first through fifth grades. Most are in fifth grade.

Before receiving her certification as an Exceptional Children teacher, Rader worked at Reagan High, where her husband, Eric Rader, teaches World History & Sociology. Their youngest child, Rece, is a senior there. There two older children – Aryn and Paul – both graduated from there.

As soon as Rader arrived at Mineral Springs, she and Assistant Principal Larnitha Hunter hit it off. Rader appreciates how hard Hunter has worked to offer her support as needed.

Mineral 55 So, Rader was delighted when Hunter said that she would like to join Rader and her husband when they delivered the bags.

Hunter said, “I thought it was a good gesture to help the kids realize we miss them and care about them.”

"Our students are truly at the heart of what we do and, for that reason, we really miss them and pray that they all stay safe and continue to learn.  Although we have engaged in a different way of teaching and learning, we know that it will all work out for our good and our students will see the good in humanity." 

In addition to money from their own pockets, the Raders had help in buying treats from members of their Sunday School class at Calvary Baptist Church.

“They are always so giving,” Rader said.

It took about 4 hours to deliver all 46 bags, which also included such items as Capri Sun juice boxes and lunch cakes.

Mineral 129 “Every one of the students got a bag,” Rader said.

It was a great experience, Rader and Hunter said.

The students and their families were quite excited by the gifts.

“It was good to see the kids and see their smiling faces,” Hunter said.

“It was so fun to see Mrs. Hunter smile and our students smile with surprise that not only their teacher but Assistant Principal came to see them,” Rader said.

“Pure joy!!”       

Before delivering the bags, Rader said, she felt as if she had been building a foundation with her students. Afterward, she felt as if they were now building a house together.




Kim Underwood