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Reynolds Band Students Express Their Love of Music

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Band 1 MAY 20, 2020 - Johnathan Hamiel, who is the Director of Instrumental Ensembles at Reynolds High, asked band students how they are using music to help stay motivated and inspired through COVID-19 and social distancing.

He posted their responses online. 

“The purpose of this platform was to encourage students to participate in assessments and band class through the use of their cell phones during social distancing,” Hamiel said.

“This assignment has been rewarding because it allowed my band students the opportunity to express how they feel about COVID, music and social distancing during a time when they feel as if they’re not being heard.”

“They’ve also used this as an opportunity to show me and their peers the extent of their musical journeys, show songs that they’re listening to, and express gratitude for a subject that is keeping them motivated and inspired to continue to grow as an overall human being.” 

“I have been very proud of our students at RJR and the way they’ve worked through this pandemic. This is new and unchartered territory for everyone. I particularly love the way that our music students have shown the ability to excel and be flexible and accommodating even in the face of adversity and the unknown.”

Band 5 “Many times we as arts educators mention how the arts can be used to assist with this subject  or assist with that subject. Through this assignment, I feel that we can establish music as a core subject and show others to appreciate and pursue music for music’s sake.” 

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