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A Virtual Chicken Olympics at Carter High

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Carter 1 MAY 21, 2020 – On Friday, a virtual Chicken Olympics is coming to Carter High.

Throughout the day, people who have a school system email address will be able to log on and see Carter students perform chicken dances or wearing a chicken hat they made.

People can share chicken jokes.

“What did the chicken say to get across a busy street?”

“Egg-scuse me.”

“What did the egg say to the chef?”

“You crack me up.”

People can share recipes that use eggs and vote for their favorites.

“It’s meant to be light and funny and a little bit silly,” said Emily Burchette, who is a Speech Language Pathology Assistant at Carter.

The goal is to involve students, parents and other members of the Carter community.

“It’s a way to stay connected when we are so distant,” Burchette said.

Burchette and others at Carter have been working with Bonny Cannon, who teaches agriculture at Carter, to organize the day.

At 2 p.m., everyone is invited to join Cannon on Facebook for the “Meet the Chicks” big finish. Everyone can come to that.

Cannon keeps chickens at home, and that’s when she will take everyone on a live virtual tour of her world of chickens.

“I would describe it as a Meet the Chicks question-and-answer session,” she said.

“My chickens love to jump so they will definitely compete in a high jump.”

“They work for raisins.”

Carter 66 Cannon credits Principal Donna Horton-Berry with getting her interested in raising chickens.

People in the Carter community know about Horton-Berry and her chickens. At home, Horton-Berry raises chickens that lay eggs with white shells, eggs with brown shells and, more recently, eggs with green shells.

She brings in eggs that her chickens have laid. People can buy them at a modest price and take them home to enjoy. So, since Horton-Berry she added chickens who lay eggs with green shells, it’s not just characters in Dr. Seuss books who can enjoy green eggs and ham.  

Cannon grew up on a farm in Tennessee. So she has farming in her blood. After working in corporate accounting for 20 years, Cannon became an agriculture teacher, first in Stokes County and now at Carter.

After Cannon started teaching at Carter, Horton-Berry would bring in fertilized eggs for Cannon and her students.

“She would bring in the eggs, and we would hatch the chicks,” Cannon said.

Inspired by Horton-Berry, Cannon started raising chickens at home herself. She now has a dozen.

One of her goals is to train some of the chickens to became “therapy chicks” so she can take them to such places as retirement communities.  

Before students started learning at home, students in Cannon’s classes worked in the garden on campus and with the two chickens that Cannon kept on campus. While teaching them about taking care of the garden and chickens, Cannon teaches students about agriculture as a business while helping them develop their communication skills.

The Chicken Olympics kicks off at 8 a.m. Friday May 22.

Seeing it all is a bit tricky.

To see the chicken dances, jokes and such, use your Winston-Salem/Forsyth County school system email on Google to go to Carter.

If you are signed on for the preliminary events, "Meet the Chicks" will come up at 2 p.m.

Or, at 2 p.m. you can go to go to the Carter High School Agriculture page on Facebook. You do not have to have a Facebook login to see the event.