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Teacher of the Year is Stephanie Wallace of East Forsyth High

Stephanie 2 MAY 29, 2020 – Stephanie Wallace, who teaches English at East Forsyth High, is the Teacher of the Year.

The announcement was made at the Core Awards on May 28.

Wallace has been teaching at East Forsyth since 2000.

Mary Jo Naber, who was Media Coordinator and chair of the School Improvement Team (SIT) at East Forsyth when the nominations were made, wrote:

“Her tenacious spirit and unwavering belief that every student can learn is modeled daily in her classroom and aligns with our Core Values. She teaches a wide range of students from those most at-risk to those in Advanced Placement.”

“She can, without fail, teach and meet the needs all students. She will make sure each student has the attention, care, and instruction they need to meet their social-emotional and educational needs. Mrs. Wallace will make sure that each student has the right book, the tools to succeed, and their basic needs met. “

“If a student is hungry, she will make sure they eat. If a student is anguished, she will ensure they get help, even if it's in the middle of night. No child is overlooked in her classroom.”

“Equity is meeting the individual needs of each child with passion and integrity: Stephanie Wallace accomplishes that daily. Her unwavering dedication to the field of teaching is shown in her Teacher Cadet program as she imparts on her students the value of becoming great teachers. Mrs. Wallace not only changes the lives of her own students, she also teaches her cadets how they can change the lives of others.:

“Mrs. Wallace believes deeply in the value of being an educator and that is also demonstrated in her dedication to her colleagues. She represents N.C. Association of Educators (NCAE) at our school and is an untiring advocate for the teaching profession because she knows that what we do is imperative to our students as they grow through our school system each year, graduate, and head into their adult lives.”

Wallace earned her bachelor’s degree – with honors – in English Education at the University of North Carolina­ at Greensboro in 2000. She earned her Master of Arts in Education Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Phoenix in 2009.