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You're Invited to "Mental Health Mondays: The Family Educational Series"

To participate in the sessions, go to Mental Health Mondays. The password is 101010. The program works best if Zoom is downloaded but that is not essential.

Mental 1 JUNE 29, 2020 – On Monday June 29, families are invited to join an online program about “Managing Screen Time,” led by Kara Anglin, a School Social Worker.

The online program, which is scheduled for 6:30 to 7 p.m., is part of “Mental Health Mondays: The Family Educational Series” that Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools is hosting in partnership with Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services.

Anglin has worked with students in the school system for six years.

“As I worked with students in our district, I began to see just how much screen time and social media impacted students in so many ways,” Anglin said. 

“I have spoken to numerous parents who have told me that screen time, social media and video games have become somewhat of an obsession for their children. In turn, parents are asking for help in managing these issues.”

“As I worked with families and students, I started wondering what was happening on a deeper level - both physiologically and emotionally.”  

“Tonight's presentation will give a brief overview of brain development and examine how screen time and social media use coincide with brain development in children and adolescents,” Anglin said. 

“We will look at research trends in adolescent mental health and behavioral trends that coincide with the release of the iPhone.” 

“Finally, we will talk about ways in which we can help support our children and adolescents through a digital revolution (and a global pandemic). Other online resources for parents will be provided as well.” 

Corliss Thompson-Drew is the school system’s Director of Psychological Services.

“The collaboration with Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services provides a forum for parents/families to be equipped with tools, tips, and strategics to support their children's mental health and well-being, as well as a much needed space and opportunity for them to ask questions and engage in conversations around topics/concerns shared by many families today,” Thompson-Drew said.

“Given the recent and ongoing challenges that we are all facing, it is hoped that this family education series will be a resource for support and information for our families.”

Lyssa Haynes is the Director of Business Development for Old Vineyard. 

“Old Vineyard is excited to collaborate with WS/FCS to share information with parents and the community about mental health in our youth,” said Haynes.

“Summer offers additional time to learn more about the reasons behind behavior. Our youth are experiencing so much change and less connection during these present challenges. Check out the helpful topics in this education series!”

“Mental Health Mondays: The Family Educational Series” began June 22, and a session will be held each Monday night through July 27. The topic for the June 22 session was “Stress & Anxiety.” Topics for coming weeks include “Build Positive Self Esteem,” “Depression” and “Returning to School.”

Lisa Waye, a Nurse Practitioner with Old Vineyard, led the June 22 session. Other Old Vineyard participants include Grace Ligon, the Lead Adolescent Therapist, and Laura Strickland, the Director of Clinical Services for Old Vineyard.

Michael Pesce is the Director of Social Work for the school system.

“The Mental Health Mondays serves a very important need in our community,” Pesce said.

“While many people may think that while students and most staff are on summer break, there continues to be a significant number of students, families, and even staff who are still facing the challenges associated with the pandemic.”  

“Fear, anxiety, and managing change is an ongoing challenge for so many people in our community. This program offers information and resources to those who might need assistance with these challenges, either for themselves or for someone that they know may need help. I like that the programs are being offered in the evenings to support individuals who otherwise cannot participate during the day.  The format is short, has a brief presentation, as well as time for questions and answers.”

“We are excited that we can partner with Old Vineyard Behavioral Health and hope to continue this type of activity even as we move into the next school year. Everyone can use resources like this.”

“Social workers and nurses are part of the Student Services Department along with psychologists and counselors who all possess quite a bit of knowledge and experience in the topics being presented.  Many people don't realize that social workers have an incredible amount of clinical training to address mental health issues.”

“Clinical training means that they are able to assess, diagnoses, and treat or recommend treatment for mental-health conditions.  While we don't practice in the same way as traditional therapists in the community, we use many of the same strategies and techniques.  Additionally, social workers are quite adept at using systems approaches and solution-focused strategies to help manage difficulties that students and families may be facing.”

“Kara Anglin is an excellent example of this type of professional. She works with children of all ages and works closely with the family to help children overcome barriers to their education. Her topic tonight is of vital importance as it addresses how children are affected by the amount of time they spend on electronic devices. This is a presentation that anyone would find interesting and helpful.

To participate in the sessions, go to Mental Health Mondays. The password is 101010. The program works best if Zoom is downloaded but that is not essential.