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WS/FC Students Serving as State and National Officers for FCCLA

FCCLA 3 JULY 23, 2020 – A student from East Forsyth High and a student from Reagan High have been elected to serve as officers for Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) at the state and national level.

Guzin Karagoz, who goes to Reagan, will serve as the 2020-2021 State President for N.C. FCCLA.

Regan Rhymes, who goes to East Forsyth, will serve as Vice President of Programs for the FCCLA National Executive Council.

Rhymes was elected during the Virtual National Leadership Conference July 7-9.  As part of her duties of that office, she presented at the N.C. CTE (Career Technical Education) Summer Conference during the Family and Consumer Science Opening Session.

Rhymes was one of two East Forsyth students who competed and brought home awards at the N.C. FCCLA STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) competitive events in the first virtual state conference.

Kadrianna Greene earned a silver medal for her Interior Design event, and Rhymes earned a gold for her Professional Presentation event. Regan continued at the Virtual National FCCLA Conference and brought home a gold medal for her STAR event there as well. 

“Congratulations to both!” said Ginnie Tate, the Family & Consumer Sciences teacher at East Forsyth who serves as FCCLA Adviser.


President 1 In FCCLA, Karagoz works with teachers Michelle Derouin, who teaches at Reagan, and Nadra Hunte, who teaches at Mount Tabor High and works with programs at other schools.

“Running for state office was undoubtedly one of the best decisions I made, but I couldn't have done it without my amazing advisors: Ms. Hunte and Mrs. Derouin,” Karagoz said.

“To be completely honest, I wasn't really thinking of running until they encouraged me to do so. It's not because I didn't want to do it or thought it would be a lot of work, but simply because I didn't think I would be able to make it. I had friends in the State Executive Council last year, and seeing all they were able to accomplish made me want to be like them and contribute to this organization at a state level. But, to me, it didn't seem possible.”

“With the preparation and hard work Mrs. Derouin and Ms. Hunte guided me through, I was able to overcome my fear a second time. The first time was when I competed in Advocacy last year, both at the state and national levels. At first, I wasn't going to, and even getting to nationals just seemed so far out of reach. Again, with the help and encouragement of my amazing advisors, I accomplished what I thought impossible. I am forever thankful for everything they have done for me and appreciate them for seeing the potential in me.”

“With everything FCCLA has provided me with and is still continuing to do so, I will do my part in making sure I return the favor when I serve as the 2020-2021 NCFCCLA State President. With the new accommodations being implemented due to COVID-19, me and my team will come up with innovative ways in order to increase both male and female membership and also work on ways to carry STAR Events to a virtual platform. We're all very excited for Stand Up, and as a former Advocacy competitor and prospective law student, I have a couple of ideas that would kickstart the new program.” 

Here is what Derouin had to say:

“Guzin Karagoz is an incredible young woman who has what many teachers look for in students – Grit.”

“She challenges herself and others around her to achieve more and push harder. As the N.C. FCCLA State President, her tenacity will aid her in developing ways to reach students across North Carolina as this year turns into not exactly what many had in mind.”

“As a competitor, she would organize meetings with me to work on her competition on her own, and these included Saturdays. How many teenagers ask you, if you would be willing to work on a Saturday so they can work on a project?”

“She is compassionate, creative, and innovative, the traits we need in today's young leaders.”

“Extremely proud of both young ladies, Guzin Karagoz and Regan Rhymes who are representing District 5 in FCCLA leadership. We are blessed to have them both from Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.”


Family 6 Rhymes is the daughter of Brad and Dawn Rhymes. Her father teaches 7th Grade Language Arts at Southeast Middle School.

“I am beyond excited for this upcoming school year,” Rhymes said.

“My journey as a National Officer Candidate was an incredibly beneficial experience. Being able to reach various goals, complete interviews online, and network with leaders across the country introduced me to a new side of virtual opportunities.”

“I have been a member of FCCLA since 2015. In those 5 years, I participated in competitive events, led projects on the local and state level, presented program workshops to our members, and made many friends. As a state officer, I formed bonds with my six other fellow officers and created friendships to last a lifetime. (That is my favorite part about FCCLA – meeting new people.)”

“My support system is the foundation of my life. Without my family, friends, advisers, and teachers I wouldn’t have been as successful. I would like to thank them for the countless hours they gave while listening to me practice speeches, brainstorming ideas, attending conferences, and teaching me to use my leadership to be a proactive member of society. My family was with me when I opened the letter attachment containing the big news! It was such a happy moment.”

“Although we didn’t have our National Conference in-person in Washington D.C., this virtual experience has been so detailed and interactive. Huge shoutout to the National Staff who put it all together. I am honored to serve as the National Vice President of Programs this year. With 9 other driven leaders alongside me, I know that this year will be filled with great experiences and memories.”

The WS/FC students listed below received medals during the STAR Events at the Virtual National FCCLA Celebration:  

From East Forsyth:

Regan Rhymes - Professional Presentation - Gold Medal

From Southeast Middle: Jaya Patel - Chapter Service Project - Gold Medal

From Atkins High: Angela Vidal - Career Investigation - Silver Medal

From Reagan High:

Ayanna Cephus - Career Investigation - Silver Medal 

Emily Feria - Fashion Construction Level 3 - Gold Medal

Teyana Hudson- Fashion Construction Level 2 - Gold Medal

Eleanor Saunders - Fashion Design - Gold Medal

Charlotte Albright - Interior Design - Gold Medal

Paisley Hodge - Professional Presentation - Gold Medal