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Helping Young People Prepare for Returning to School

To participate in the session, go to Mental Health Mondays. The password is 101010. The program works best if Zoom is downloaded but that is not essential.

Patsy 6 JULY 23, 2020 – On Monday July 27, families are invited to join an online program that will focus on helping young people as they returning to school.

Returning to School” will be led by Dr. Patsy Barrett, who has been a School Psychologist for more 34 years. She has been working for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools for 18 years and currently serves as the School Psychologist at Philo-Hill Magnet Academy and Konnoak and Easton elementary schools.

“It is clear that we will return to learning in a remote/virtual setting,” Barrett said.

“Students and teachers will continue to need emotional and social supports in this virtual world. This session will discuss some feelings and anxieties which might affect the children and adults as they return in the fall to this new learning environment. I will share tips on how to help students build resilience, manage stress and reduce anxieties."

“Tips for adults (parents and teachers) will also be shared.” 

The online program, which is scheduled for 6:30 to 7 p.m., is part of “Mental Health Mondays: The Family Educational Series” that Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools is hosting in partnership with Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services.

This will be the final of six sessions. The series began June 22, and a session has been held each Monday night.

Corliss Thompson-Drew is the school system’s Director of Psychological Services.

“The collaboration with Old Vineyard Behavioral Health Services provides a forum for parents/families to be equipped with tools, tips, and strategics to support their children's mental health and well-being, as well as a much needed space and opportunity for them to ask questions and engage in conversations around topics/concerns shared by many families today,” Thompson-Drew said.

“Given the recent and ongoing challenges that we are all facing, it is hoped that this family education series will be a resource for support and information for our families.”

Lyssa Haynes is the Director of Business Development for Old Vineyard. 

“Old Vineyard is excited to collaborate with WS/FCS to share information with parents and the community about mental health in our youth,” said Haynes.

“Summer offers additional time to learn more about the reasons behind behavior. Our youth are experiencing so much change and less connection during these present challenges. Check out the helpful topics in this education series!”

Michael Pesce is the Director of Social Work for the school system.

“The Mental Health Mondays serves a very important need in our community,” Pesce said.

“While many people may think that while students and most staff are on summer break, there continues to be a significant number of students, families, and even staff who are still facing the challenges associated with the pandemic.”  

“Fear, anxiety, and managing change is an ongoing challenge for so many people in our community. This program offers information and resources to those who might need assistance with these challenges, either for themselves or for someone that they know may need help. I like that the programs are being offered in the evenings to support individuals who otherwise cannot participate during the day.  The format is short, has a brief presentation, as well as time for questions and answers.”

“We are excited that we can partner with Old Vineyard Behavioral Health and hope to continue this type of activity even as we move into the next school year. Everyone can use resources like this.”

To participate in the session, go to Mental Health MondaysThe password is 101010. The program works best if Zoom is downloaded but that is not essential.