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Carolina Panthers Provide Students with Backpacks & School Supplies

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Panther 1 SEPTEMBER 11, 2020 – Thanks to the generosity of the Carolina Panthers, students at 14 WS/FC schools were able to start the school year with snazzy Carolina Panther backpacks filled with school supplies.

The schools receiving backpacks are Inspire 340 schools, where many students come from low-income families.  

Dr. Karen Roseboro is the Area Superintendent of School Turnaround/Inspire 340.

“The Inspire 340 School network is very appreciative of the backpacks and school supplies that were donated by the Carolina Panthers organization,” Roseboro said. 

“Because of the Panthers’ generosity, our scholars with the greatest needs were able to start the school year successfully! Thank you, Carolina Panthers, for making a difference!”

Each school received 200 backpacks from the Carolina Panthers, along with school supplies to go in them.

At Diggs-Latham Elementary, School Social Worker Cleopatra Morrison and School Nurse Kimberly Hall worked on the project.

“The Diggs-Latham Child and Family Support Team Social Worker and Nurse are overwhelmed with the generosity that the Carolina Panthers has extended to our students in a time of such uncertainty,” Morrison said. 

“These backpacks will provide a bit of reassurance and hope that Diggs-Latham is always there to support them.  We hope that these backpacks provide students with the supplies, the need, a bit of confidence, and, most importantly, a smile.” 

At Ibraham Elementary, School Social Worker Jennifer Applegate worked with others at the school to deliver the backpacks to students as their homes.

“We have been very busy at Prince Ibraham Elementary School (PIES) getting these amazing Panthers backpacks to students!” Applegate said. “PIES staff have completed multiple home visits and have given the backpacks to students during our weekly food backpack distribution.” 

“All the parents and students were very excited to get these awesome gifts from the Carolina Panthers!”

Diggs 3 At Petree Elementary, the generosity of the Carolina Panthers plus the generosity of St. Stephen Missionary Baptist Church and of Love Out Loud, a nonprofit organization established by Winston-Salem ministers, enabled the school to provide 375 students with backpacks and supplies.

“We were able to make sure everybody got a book bag and supplies,” said School Social Worker Haley Copeland.

“That felt really good.”

In some instances, Petree teachers added additional supplies to the backpacks. They were taken to the school auditorium where families were able to pick them up.

Receiving the backpacks filled with supplies made students feel really appreciated, she said.

And the family members appreciated it as well.

“A lot of them were really excited,” Copeland said.

Speaking to the Carolina Panthers, she said, “We are very grateful for those bookbags.”

Nikeita McDonald is the School Counselor at Petree.

“Considering the current climate, the backpacks provided our students with a sense of normalcy, in my opinion,” McDonald said.

“It allowed them to experience the traditional joys associated with the start of a new school year that might otherwise be missed during remote learning.  I also feel that it gave our students a sense of pride knowing that they received a gift from the Carolina Panthers. 

“I hope this gift will provide them with a sense of connection to the school building even though we are learning remotely.  I hope they take away from this experience the knowledge that they have an entire network within the community that is invested in their educational success.”

Petree 7 When Roseboro learned about the gift from the Panthers, she sent an email to the principals of the Inspire 340 schools.

Many sent back messages. One was from Joanell Gatling, Principal of Ashley Academy for Cultural and Global Studies.

“This is awesome!!” Gatling said.

The Inspire 340 schools are:

Ashley Academy for Cultural & Global Studies

Bolton Elementary

Cook Literacy Model School

Diggs-Latham Elementary

Easton Elementary

Forest Park Elementary

Gibson Elementary

Hall-Woodward Elementary

Ibraham Elementary

Kimberley Park Elementary

North Hills Elementary

Old Town Elementary

Petree Elementary

Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy