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Honoring Veterans at Paisley IB Magnet

To see the YouTube video that Paisley students and staff created to honor veterans, go to Veterans

Vet 1 NOVEMBER 16, 2020 – For Veterans Day 2020, Principal Randy Mann of Paisley IB Magnet wanted students and teachers to create a video to honor veterans.

The purpose, he said, was “to recognize veterans for what they have done for our country.”

“I just want to honor veterans.”

While honoring veterans, he thought the project would also help students learn more about veterans.

Working with teachers in four arts programs – band, chorus, orchestra, dance – he organized a project that included students playing music, singing and dancing.

After each arts teacher created a segment, Media Coordinator Ruth Wilcox put it all together to create a 10-minute video to post on YouTube.

Vet 3 Mann is a veteran of the U.S. Navy. From 1988 to 1992, he served as an Operations Specialist on the USS Bainbridge, a nuclear cruiser stationed in Norfolk. Va.

Adrienne Rogers is the Dance Teacher at Paisley.

“Participating in this project has brought a new sense of community,” Rogers said. “I have veterans in my family, and some who are still serving in the military today. It was an honor to create something for them to say, ‘thank you’ for all that they have done for us each and every day.” 

Fabrice Dharamraj is the Director of Orchestra at Paisley.

“The Paisley orchestra video is a violin duet of ‘God Bless America.’ Dharamraj said. “There is only one High School ninth-grader playing. His name is Zachary Olsen. The other person is me, the orchestra teacher, Mr. Fabrice Dharamraj.”

Y. Renee Matthews​ is the ​Director of Choral Activities at Paisley.

“This project was a beautiful way to honor our veterans and a great experience for our chorus,” Matthews said. 

“My students and I miss singing together very much.  When I played the finished product, the students were smiling with pride and a sense of accomplishment.”

“Distance learning requires singers to record themselves without the comfort of hearing their section around them. Singing alone is never easy and it requires such a level of vulnerability that makes students shy away from such tasks.”

Vet 67 “I'm so proud of my singers for meeting this challenge and doing such a fantastic job!” 

The fourth teacher participating in the project was Greg Dills, who teaches band.