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"My House 2020"

Cross 22 NOVEMBER 17, 2020 – Maria Colamarino is a visual arts teacher at Hanes Magnet Middle.

Colamarino was so touched by the picture created by sixth-grader Nezzie Cross that she sent a copy to Penny Freeland, the Visual Arts Administrator for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools.

 “We were illustrating Shapes in Places and Events,” Colamarino said.

“I asked students to share and connect their current experience dealing with coronavirus and restrictions. I asked them to illustrate a place they feel safe and or comforted. Some place or event that they enjoy and look forward to even under these uneasy times.

“This one hit home.”

Nezzie named her piece My House 2020. The 9-by-12-inch picture is crayon on paper.

Her Artist Statement: “I am saying how I feel in my house during this time of coronavirus, safe. I hope future people will see how it was to be stuck in your house during this time.”

Her Reflection on how well it came out: “The exact thing I thought of came out on the page, which rarely happens. I wouldn't change anything. I love this.”