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A Bus Shelter for Students Attending Main Street Academy

Main 55 JANUARY 13, 2021 – Main Street Academy students now have a comfortable shelter to sit in as they wait for a city bus.

Main Street Academy is an alternative school that serves students in middle and high schools throughout the district.  Many of them ride a city bus to and from Main Street, said Principal Ron Travis.

Being able to stay dry on a rainy day shows students that people at the school and in the community care about them.

“It’s a great thing,” Travis said.

A shelter for the bus stop directly across the school at 2700 S. Main St. was much needed, said Larry Berry, the school’s Administrative Support Assistant, and, a couple of years ago, Travis and Berry started talking with people about the possibility of having one built.

With the support of City Councilmen James Taylor Jr. and John Larson, the idea of building a shelter grew into a collaboration among Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, the City of Winston-Salem, and the Winston-Salem Transit Authority.

Main 54 Those working on the project include Darrell Walker, who is the Assistant Superintendent for Operations; Lauren Richards, the Chief Operating Officer for Operations; and Carlos Sanders, the Assistant Director for Capital Projects.

Working with people with the City of Winston-Salem and with the Transit Authority, the project moved ahead. The property across street from the Academy belongs to the school, so, on that front, it was simply a matter of making plans and obtaining the proper permits.

In December, the shelter was built.

“it is refreshing to know that municipalities, school districts, and local agencies can work together for the betterment of the community,” Berry wrote in a letter to the editor.    

At the moment, the only students coming to the building each day are those participating in the remote learning center at Main Street. Berry is looking forward to the day when more students are coming to Main Street again.

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