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WS/FCS Human Resources Launching New Employee Discount Program

When the WS/FCS Rewards goes live on Monday, you can find out more at

Human 22 JANUARY 22, 2021 – On Monday Jan. 25, the WS/FCS Human Resources Department will launch a new employee discount program.

WS/FCS Rewards, as it is being called, will offer savings on services and products from many local and national vendors.

As it says in a release from Eplee + Associates – the company organizing the program, “These discounts allow you to save money on purchases from restaurants to wellness, housing to automotive, and many categories in between!”

“We encourage you to enjoy these discounts and invite other local businesses to participate!”

Once the discount program goes live on Monday, you can visit to learn about discounts, subscribe to receive updates, and provide feedback.

Overseeing the program for the school system are Shaterika Parks, the Director of Recruitment and Retention, and Angela Bostic-Phelps, the Onboarding and Retention Specialist.

“I hope it brings value to our employees,” Bostic-Phelps said. “Any time you can save money that’s a good thing.”

“These will be discounts that are not available to the general public.”

Rewards 66 Bostic-Phelps, who works with newly hired employees and on employee retention, said that WS/FCS Rewards also serves as a way to let employees know that local business appreciate them and want to thank them for their service to the community.

It all ties in with the vision for WS/FCS, Parks said. “Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools will be the best place to learn and work through excellence, collaboration and inclusiveness.”

The program will launch with approximately 200 vendors, and Eplee will continue to add more over the coming months.

Participating vendors include Jason’s Deli, Camino Bakery, CycleBar, Fleet Feet, Kaleideum, Balance Day Spa, and the Biltmore Estate in Asheville. 

Participating businesses commit to at least a year. She hopes that the program will grow and continue long after that.

Eplee organizes discounts for school systems and health-care systems across the country. Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools is the second school system in North Carolina to begin offering the program. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools already offers the program. In South Carolina, Greenville County Schools offers the program.

“It’s a way to help retain employees or recruit employees,” said Jared Barthel, the Business Development officer at Eplee who coordinates the discount program for the Southeast.

For vendors, it’s a way to bring in new business.

While including offers from such national companies as Verizon, each program focuses on including local businesses. It’s completely up to the vendor what that discount or offer is, Barthel said.

“We ask that the discount is unique to the school system or health system,” Barthel said.

As an example of what a business might offer, he mentioned a local dentist who would offer a discount of, say, 10 percent or 20 percent to new clients and who would give them a free tooth-whitening kit on their first visit.

In specific categories, they limit the number of businesses participating. So they might include dentists from different parts of the county but not ones with offices across from each other.

They also offer limited-time offers. For example, a Renaissance festival might offer a discount.