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Two North Forsyth Seniors On the Path to Becoming Nurses

February is Career Technical Education Month.

The first set of pictures are of Evelyn Delgado Guzman. The second set is Rebeca Coreas Zaldana. the third set is Cailie Hildreth.

North 3 By Kim Underwood

Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools

FEBRUARY 17, 2021 – When they became students at North Forsyth, both Evelyn Delgado Guzman and Rebeca Coreas Zaldana already knew they wanted a career that enabled them to help others.

Participating in the NAF Academy of Health Sciences at North Forsyth helped them decide they want to become nurses.

As part of that NAF Academy program, seniors participate in internships. Some students serve internships with, say, the Wake Forest School of Medicine or Horizons Residential Care Center.

For their internships, Delgado and Coreas headed to Forsyth Technical Community College (FTCC) where they served as interns in the FTCC Nursing Simulation Lab. In this time of COVID, the lab met safety requirements by having fewer students at a time work in the lab.

North 4 In the lab, Delgado and Coreas worked with students in college nursing programs using manikins rather than real people to learn skills they will need as nurses. They might learn how to take blood pressure, put in a catheter or work with a blood pump used during surgery.

“The internship prepares you for real life,” Coreas said.

Teacher Cailie Hildreth is the NAF coordinator at North Forsyth. Working with Coreas and Delgado in their time at North Forsyth, she has seen how their experiences with the academy have also helped their personal development. 

“I have seen a good deal of personal growth in Rebeca and Evelyn,” Hildreth said. “I have seen them learning to advocate for themselves.”

Coreas and Delgado’s internship requirements called for working in the lab for 80 hours. They added an additional 20 hours of service by, at the suggestion someone at Forsyth Tech, creating a brochure about COVID-19 safety precautions in nursing labs for both students and teachers.

North 1 Both women plan to become nurses who help the very young.

Delgado plans to go to the University of North Carolina at Greensboro after graduating from North Forsyth this year.

"Nursing is my intended academic major and would help me achieve my ultimate career goal of becoming a Critical Care Nurse in the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) by granting me some perspective regarding my future,” Delgado said.

“As I advance in my career, I desire to look for leadership opportunities to grow my own knowledge and help others around me as well. I also know that, ultimately, I would like to own my own business that combines my passion and skill for nursing and also gives back to my community.”

“I lost many people in my childhood. It made me think that all I ever wanted was to save lives. From a young age, I have watched my family go through the Five Stages of Grief. It made me think about my future.”

North 2 “I also learned that hospitals are filled with people having their worst day of their life, best day of their life, last day of their life, and the first day of their life. People may experience the worst day of their life but another person may receive the best news of their life. Such as organ donation, which is beautiful. “

“I always knew that I wanted something in my future career that is challenging, interesting, and most importantly making a difference in people’s lives on a daily basis. Dealing with patients and families and helping them through what is a difficult time for them is extremely pleasing, enjoyable for me."

Coreas doesn’t yet know whether she will focus on labor and delivery or on caring for newborns. What she does know is she wants to be there at the beginning to help put each child on a path that will enable the child to grow and lead a rich life.

Participating in the NAF Academy at North Forsyth had everything to do with her wanting to become a nurse, Coreas said. When she entered the academy as a freshman, she was interested in a career in the medical field. Learning more about how nurses served others inspired her to want to become a nurse.

“Knowing I would be there to comfort patients,” she said.

Nurse 5 The internship was quite valuable.

“This internship allowed me to grasp a better notion of what nursing school consists of,” Coreas said. “It has not only prepared me for my future career but also has permitted me to grow as a person. I was given the opportunity to attain the vital skills to be an exceptional nurse in the future.”

“This pathway will grant me the ability to enhance my nursing skills further by allowing me to grapple with challenging tasks and responsibilities. I have always had a passion for the medical field so being given this opportunity of working in the nursing lab has only made me determined and motivated to strive for success in my future endeavors.”  

Once Coreas lays down a foundation of experience working in this community, she envisions becoming one of the traveling nurses that hospitals and other medical facilities would bring in when they need additional help.

North 6 Coreas has two older sisters who already work in the medical field. One is a nurse. The other is a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). Coreas has a younger brother who – inspired by his sisters – also wants to go into medical field.

Asked what else she likes to do with her time, Coreas said, “My life revolves around school.”

As an example, she mentioned the Freshman Showcase that would be coming up shortly at North Forsyth. In a normal year, students in middle schools and their families would be coming to the North Forsyth campus to learn more about the school. For this virtual showcase, Coreas said, she would be on Zoom to talk about how much the NAF Academy has meant to her.

About 80 students participate in the NAF Academy at North Forsyth.  

“In addition to the FTCC Nursing Simulation Lab interns, NAF students at North Forsyth are also placed at other internship sites with business and community partners,” Hildreth said.

“Jacqueline Galan-Rodriguez, Jonathan Giron, and Jose Alonzo-Vico are completing a virtual internship with Horizons Residential Care Facility where they are exploring various aspects of disabilities and are interacting with a variety of experiences within a residential care center that align with the pursuit of a Direct Support Professional career, including the opportunity to earn hours towards certification as a Direct Support Professional.”

“Cindy Garcia, Destiny Sprinkle, and YaQuiria Mason are participating in the second year of the Wake Forest School of Medicine internship.  While traditionally an in-person summer internship experience, students are completing an extensive virtual experiential learning internship focusing on: the processes involved with planning for, and applying to, a health professions program; a variety of career paths; and job shadowing of healthcare professionals.”

“Starting in the spring, a group of students will be placed in an internship with Northwest AHEC (Area Health Education Center) completing virtual clinical modules.”

As a magnet high school that focuses on health sciences, North Forsyth’s offerings in the health sciences go beyond the NAF Academy, and students can take classes without committing to participate in the academy.

“The opportunities we are able to bring to the students, they cannot find anywhere else and are really valuable,” Hildreth said. “We work very hard to make connections to post-secondary plans.”

“We offer something for you to take with you.”

A number of partners in the community offer important support to North Forsyth.

Partners include:

Cook Medical

Wake Forest School of Medicine

Novant Health

Forsyth Technical Community College

ComForCare Home Care

Salemtowne Retirement Center

Horizons Residential Care Center

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